Jeff Hardy takes nasty bump at TNA Lockdown tapings


If you are training to be a professional wrestler, learning to take bumps is essential. Former TNA champion Jeff Hardy learned the hard way that taking a bad bump will hurt. A lot.

Hardy is not new to taking awful bumps. There are countless ones in TLC matches, going through tables or ladders. Either way you slice it, falling from a high place will hurt.

During the TNA Lockdown tapings at the Manhattan Center in New York, Hardy took one ugly bump from the cage and was hurting after the match.

As Hardy was balancing on the cage door, Abyss pushed the door resulting in Hardy taking the “nut shot” which alone should have hurt like hell. He was then pushed off the door and crash landed hard on the steel steps.

“I’ve seen @JEFFHARDYBRAND take some ridiculous bumps. 1st time ever I’m concerned for his health & this is coming from me,” wrote Tommy Dreamer on Twitter after the match.

While Jeff Hardy continued the match there are unconfirmed reports that he was actually knocked out after the fall. You can see the crazy bump below.