Impact Wrestling teams up with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling for joint show


Impact Wrestling today announced that it has teamed up with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling to present Deep Impact on Saturday, July 6, at the Booker T World Gym Arena near Houston.

Deep Impact will feature cross-promotional matches with the stars of Impact Wrestling and stars from Reality of Wrestling in the first-ever joint show. Deep Impact will air live on Impact Wrestling’s Twitch channel.

“Impact Wrestling is always looking to expand the wrestling landscape and give fans more and more dream matches, and Deep Impact will do just that,” said Impact Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore. “Joining forces with Booker T is an honor as he is one of the most respected wrestlers of all time.”

“Reality of Wrestling has always been about spotlighting young and fresh talent, so to be able to put our talented men and women on the same stage as those from Impact Wrestling, it’s going to be a night to remember,” Booker T said.

Matches for Deep Impact will be announced in May. Tickets to Deep Impact are now available here.