Impact World title situation to be cleared on next week’s show


Alberto El Patron was announced as the new World champion at the end of last night’s Impact Wrestling show however the situation on who the champion really is will be cleared on next week’s episode.

While El Patron held the title, cameras showed several TNA officials including new arrival Bruce Prichard discussing the ending of the match, which saw El Patron super kicking the second referee Brian Stiffler after Lashley pulled him in to avoid the kick. El Patron also hit Lashley on the head with the title and then covered him for the pin.

After the match, Earl Hebner came out to join Brian Hebner – the original referee of the match – and Brian Stiffler as the trio discussed the ending. Lashley was not happy despite putting Stiffler in harm’s way and then grabbed him by the shirt. Pat Kennedy and Bruce Prichard came down as well to ringside but El Patron walked to the back with the title as EC3 clapped from the entrance way.

You can see the ending of the title match below.