Impact parent company Anthem files for “Broken” trademarks


Anthem Sports and Entertainment have filed for trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Broken Matt, Broken Brilliance, and Brother Nero, as the legal fight with the Hardys intensifies.

Anthem, through TNA Entertainment LLC, filed for these trademarks on April 28 and they are listed as “live” on the USPTO website. Matt Hardy, on March 1, applied for the trademark Broken Matt Hardy, and that trademark is also listed as “live.”

Although anyone can file for trademarks, just because the USPTO website lists it as active it doesn’t mean that the trademark is owned by the applicant. Registering a trademark takes a long time and each application goes through an appeal process as well so anyone can appeal the application if they think they have ownership of it.

Matt replied to one individual on Twitter today saying that Ed Nordholm, “wants to keep MY creation, the #BROKEN Universe, hostage from fans who wish to see it.” His wife Reby also said on Twitter that Anthem is going after her personally although she did not specify what for.