Hulk Hogan returns to Impact…and screws up


Hulk Hogan returned to Impact last night but made a major blunder during his segment that was left unedited since there was no time to edit between the taped show and the live airing.

In the final segment of the show Hogan confronted TNA champion Bully Ray who was given the news that he has to face a member of Aces and Eights in two weeks at the No Surrender-themed Impact and that the match would be for the TNA title.

Besides that, Hogan told Ray that he has to defend the TNA title against Sting on the next show. The problem is that Sting lost a match a few months ago which prevents him from ever competing for the TNA title again. Hogan by mistake also said “this week” rather than next when he announced Sting vs Bully Ray.

While on television the mistakes were not addressed, the TNA website removed any mentions of Sting going for the title on next week’s show.