GFW name nowhere to be seen on Bound For Glory press release


One very obvious omission from the Bound For Glory pay-per-view press release was the Global Force Wrestling name or the initials GFW as the PR referenced to the company name as Impact Wrestling.

The GFW initials are also missing from the Bound For Glory logo, with GFW replaced at the top with just Impact. In the press release, the current champion Eli Drake is also referenced as just World Champion. The PR starts with “Impact Wrestling, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp,” instead of Global Force Wrestling.

In late June, Anthem announced that TNA would be rebranded as Global Force Wrestling after Jeff Jarrett agreed to sell the company. However, that deal is said not to be finalized and with Jeff Jarrett sent home on indefinite leave due to personal issues, it’s likely that Anthem will revert to the Impact brand as the overall name.

At the last television tapings, the company also introduced new titles which sport the Global Force Wrestling logo front and center.