Eddie Edwards wins TNA World title on Impact


TNA had a major change in direction yesterday as the company pulled the title from Lashley with Eddie Edwards now the champion, winning the title during Impact.

Edwards pinned Lashley clean during the main event, certainly a surprise finish for everyone who was at the Impact Zone during the tapings which were held last Monday. This is Edwards’ third single title in TNA, however it’s his first World title reign. He previously won the X Division title twice.

Edwards debuted in TNA in 2014 along with Davey Richards as The Wolves and had a dominant stay as a tag team, winning the TNA tag team titles on five different occasions. Edwards lost the X Division title to Lashley in a Winner Takes All six sides of steel match and just last Sunday, he lost in the finale of the Impact Grand title to Aron Rex after he replaced the injured Drew Galloway.