Dixie Carter talks TNA in-depth with Grantland.com


TNA President Dixie Carter sat down with Grantland.com to discuss a variety of subjects concerning TNA in a revealing interview.

Carter acknowledged that this year – while the company is profitable (!) – was pretty much horrible with live events and ratings down and big, influential Superstars and backstage people leaving the company. And then, the TMZ bomb came saying Spike is dumping TNA off its schedule.

“TMZ asked me, ‘Hey, is this story real, should we run with it?’ I was watching a movie and didn’t see it until some little wrestling site ran it. Then I gave TMZ a quote, which said we’re still negotiating. That never made it to print,” Carter said.

Despite not having a fantastic year, Carter wants more hours and more TNA programming on U.S. television and admits that if they stay as one two-hour show, they will die a slow death. “I have big decisions to make. I want this to be a big play. I don’t want this to be a status quo play.”

Dixie Carter also goes at length discussing TNA’s business, the clashes with Jeff Jarrett, what she thinks of Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling, working Hogan and Bischoff, AJ Styles leaving, and much more.

You can read the article at http://grantland.com/features/tna-professional-wrestling-dixie-carter-jeff-jarrett-wwe/