Dixie Carter talks recent changes in TNA in message to fans


TNA President Dixie Carter wrote a message to fans which was posted on the ImpactWrestling.com website to address the recent events and changes within the company.

“In the 11+ years that I have been with TNA, I am still amazed by the passion of pro wrestling fans. That passion – both positive and negative – is remarkable and something that all of us at TNA values,” Carter wrote, adding that starting from next Thursday, each week, she will answer the “legitimate” questions from the #AskDixie Twitter sessions.

She did say that she will “not, however, address outrageous or hurtful questions/posts,” referring to the tons of funny questions that fans asked.

Carter addressed the recent changes in PPV business as well as taking Impact on the road as well as the “recent roster changes” without pinpointing anyone.

“Releasing talent is never easy – not for you and not for us. But, bringing in fresh faces and the best wrestling talent in the world is what you expect, and what TNA will always strive to deliver,” Carter wrote.

You can read Dixie Carter’s full message at http://bit.ly/1c6bYyf.