Dixie Carter talks about TNA sale rumor


The Tennessean has a story on TNA President Dixie Carter which was published today on their website at tennessean.com.

One of the points touched in the interview was the rumor that TNA was going to be sold, a rumor which the Carter family immediately dismissed through an internal memo issued by Dixie Carter’s mother who heads up the company.

“Since we have been in business going on 12 years now, this has been an ongoing (speculation),” Carter said, saying that a lot of people said that they’re going out of business and not going to make it. “This last time I think a lot of it was perpetuated by a story that Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins was going to buy it.”

Addressing the rumor, the TNA President decided to contact Corgan directly.

“I texted Billy and I said, ‘Oh really, so you’re going to buy my company? Are you excited? That’s cool.’ And he said, ‘Oh, don’t you love rumors,’” Carter said.