D’Angelo Dinero leaves Global Force Wrestling


“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, who has been doing commentary for Impact with Josh Mathews since 2015, posted a message on his Instagram announcing he’s leaving Global Force Wrestling.

The message, written in the form of a poem, says that the clock was ticking when negotiations stalled “because of arithmetics.” He said he will leave with his head held high and the future is still bright with much things for him to do. “So thanks to my friends and staff who showed me goodwill, because those memories are the only moments that makes the clock stand still,” he wrote.

The man who wrestled in WWE using his real name of Elijah Burke used a photo of himself on the apron of a GFW ring with “Thank You & Farewell” to accompany the message and used the hashtags #GoodBye #ThankYou #WWE #Wrestling and #Pray4Flair. It’s interesting to note that he had a #WWE hashtag when WWE had nothing to do with this message unless he’s dropping a hint. He last wrestled for WWE in 2008.