Billy Corgan denies Vince McMahon has bid for TNA


TNA President Billy Corgan was on ESPN Radio today to discuss the current situation that TNA is in and the rumors that Vince McMahon wants to buy the company.

When asked how he can compete with Vince McMahon if he wants to buy TNA, Corgan was honest and said, “We don’t and I think that’s the simplest part of the equation! If Vince McMahon wants to buy the company, there’s nothing you or God can do to stop him.”

He did however deny the rumors that WWE has put a bid to buy TNA. “As of this moment that does not appear to be happening because I have a piece of the company and I would have to be informed about that,” Corgan said. He then added that at least he hoped he would be informed about it but what he knows now it’s Vince didn’t put a bid, yet.

Asked if Bound For Glory is going to happen for sure, Corgan was noncommittal but was positive. “We’ve been in the same situation three times before so I’m counting on a fourth time,” Corgan said. “I don’t expect anyone to do anything to not make it happen, it would put a lot of people out of work.”

He said the wrestlers and everyone in the back wants the situation to be resolved and not be in the same situation in two months time.

Corgan described WWE and Vince McMahon as the titanic superpower who have so far found the only winning philosophy in professional wrestling, “so respect to them.” While Vince has the winning formula, Corgan thinks that he can present a different kind of product with a different game plan as long as there’s consistent capital, as you can’t make consistent decisions without a consistent money flow.