Behavior issues led to Jeff Jarrett being sent home


Jeff Jarrett was “blindsided” by the move to get him out of his COO position and forced to take an indefinite leave of absence. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the higher ups at Anthem had made the decision a week before but did not notify Jarrett until this week when the announcement was done.

Earlier in the day before the announcement, Jarrett tweeted that he was looking forward to September. “Tuesday morning…let’s go…super excited about September for @IMPACTWRESTLING @GFWWrestling …” he wrote in a tweet.

The report on the Observer states that problems with Jarrett had been building up for months, including clashes with other employees during television tapings and the drunk text messages to Reby Hardy, Matt Hardy’s wife. Meltzer adds that Jarrett’s behavior at AAA’s TripleMania also did not help his case and Ed Nordholm of Anthem – who was on the trip as well – took the executive decision to remove Jarrett.