Awesome Kong sent back home from UK tour following backstage altercation


Awesome Kong’s working holiday in the United Kingdom was cut short as she was sent home from the TNA Maximum Impact Tour following an altercation with Reby Sky, the wife of TNA World champion Matt Hardy.

The altercation took place in the locker room but details are still sketchy at this point with different stories floating around. What is known for sure is that things got physical and Kong was punished for it since she was the one who started the confrontation.

This is the second time that Kong has been involved in a backstage fight as back in 2010 she got into it with Bubba “The Love Sponge” who was doing work as a backstage interviewer. The 38 year old asked for her release on that day as well but was denied although she eventually was released from her contract later on. She later went on to state that she would never work for TNA again however she made her return to the company in January 2015 following a disastrous stint in WWE a few years earlier.

It’s unclear what her status with TNA will be once everyone is back in the United States.