Anthem sends cease and desist letters to Hardys, ROH, and PPV providers


Anthem Sports & Entertainment sent Matt and Jeff Hardy a cease and desist letter to stop using anything related to the Broken gimmicks according to

Even though Matt filed for a trademark on the character the day after he was free from his TNA contract, Anthem is arguing that anything created while the two were under their deal, is owned by Impact Wrestling and not by the Hardys.

Anthem’s threat also went to Ring of Honor and all the pay-per-view providers who were showing ROH’s 15th Anniversary show last night. Both Matt and Jeff were part of the show, defending the ROH Tag Team titles against The Young Bucks and Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta.

The threats seemed to have worked somewhat as both Hardys were called by their real names rather than by their Broken gimmick names and none of the music that is usually used in association with the Broken gimmicks was heard.

The fans however did not stop from chanting “delete” and Matt then acknowledged the situation on Twitter following the show. “#HouseHardy will continue DELETING & the DELETE chants will NEVAH end.”