WWE Summerslam 2020 PPV Pick’em report

Hey Everybody! It’s @TheMagnumDA with yet another installment of the PPV Pick’em report. This month, it’s going to be the biggest party of the Summer! That’s right, LIVE from the THUNDERDOME at Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida, WWE will present Summerslam 2020. We’ve got the Pick’em Crew in the house (myself, Colin, Tricky Don, and Heel Turn Tom), and the 10 pounds of gold (WOPC Championship) is on the line! We’ve got title matches galore, Retribution will likely be in the house, and by the end of the night…Alexa Bliss could reveal herself to be Sister Abigail…(?!)


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
The Street Profits (w/Bianca Belair) (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega)

Colin: I like the stable of Vega, Andrade, and Garza. But they haven’t been portrayed as good as I thought they would and I think they’ve been pretty weak for the past few months. They need a win. New champions.

Magnum: The Street Profits are surprisingly one of the longest reigning tag team champions in a very long time. Not since The New Day have we seen a team hold on to the gold this long. That all ends tonight. By hook, by crook, or heaven forbid…by POISONING…A & A Enterprises is about to score some gold. Andrade and Angel win.

Don: Andrade and Garza have only been teaming for about two months, but they have defeated The Viking Raiders and Cedric Alexander & Ricochet. They have a lot of momentum, so we will see new tag team champions crowned tonight. Andrade & Angel Garza win!

Tom: Hopefully WWE makes the tag titles a priority again and give them a redesign. Montez Ford and Andrade will get the shine from this match as both will be single stars sometime soon. But tonight, the Street Profits will retain with Ford getting the frog splash and pin on Garza.

Bonus Point for Tag Title Match: Who scores the winning fall in this match?

Colin: Andrade pins Ford.

Magnum: Give me Angel Garza getting the pin, likely on Montez Ford.

Don: Andrade.

Tom: Ford.

WWE US Championship – Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin Barred from Ringside
Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP

Colin: The Hurt Business is one of the best things on WWE TV right now. MVP has really become an MVP in my opinion. Maybe we’ll see someone else join the club tonight? MVP has been losing for a while so time to back up the Hurt Business with a win. New champion!

Magnum: I like The Hurt Business, and I definitely expect some gold in their stable very soon. I thought it was somewhat telling when Crews started parading around with the very title that MVP introduced to the company…it only makes sense that MVP gets that title back tonight. However, I’m going to take Apollo because I think that title will end up with either Lashley or Shelton down the road.

Don: I am going on a limb and pick MVP. Bobby and Shelton are banned from ringside. The third person of The Hurt Business is not banned, and the newest addition will assist MVP to officially win the title, since the title win at Extreme Rules was not recognized by WWE. MVP wins.

Tom: The Hurt Business could be really cool but when I last saw Raw live, they all lost before showing up to Raw Underground. While I would like a powerful faction on the main roster like the Undisputed Era was on NXT, but I don’t see that happening. I predict Apollo Crews winning and then a post-match beat down from the Hurt Business.

Hair vs. Hair – No DQ (Loser Leaves WWE)
Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

Colin: With or with no hair, I think both of them will still look pretty awesome. But Mandy already sacrificed a big chunk of her hair so I guess it’s Deville’s hair time to go.

Magnum: I really, really, really don’t want Sonya to cut her awesome jet-black hair…but I think Mandy is in line for a huge PPV win. Give me Mandy Rose all day (and all night)!! That Otis…what a lucky bloke.

Don: Hair vs Hair, and now it is a loser leaves WWE. Luckily Sonya will keep her hair, but she will leave WWE for Raw underground. Mandy Rose wins.

Tom: Finally, some stakes to a match for these two. I am sure we will see Dolph and Otis will get involved. I see a sleeper by Rose to put Sonya Deville out for the win. Mandy “The Barber” Rose will get to shave Sonya’s hair tonight.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks (c) (w/Bayley) vs. Asuka
Bonus Chance: Anyone who picks Asuka in both women’s title matches (and is correct) will win one extra bonus point.

Colin: Sasha has a habit of not defending titles and losing them in her first challenge. It’s been pretty much the story of her main roster career so far, which is a shame, because she’s awesome. I see her winning this match and retaining the title this time around.

Magnum: I have a unique theory here…I actually do believe that Asuka COULD win both of these matches. However, HOW she wins is going to be important here. In this contest, I think she will win, but something’s going to happen and Bayley/Sasha will use their 2-on-1 advantage to put Asuka in a really tough spot.

Don: The only matched announced for Payback next week is Bayley and Sasha vs TBD. I have a feeling Asuka is going to win the Raw and Smackdown Women’s championship tonight. Asuka wins.

Tom: You would think after one match the fresh person would have the easier match. But there will be a distraction by someone like Shayna Baszler or Rhea Ripley. In the distraction, Asuka will get a roll up for the three count and will be the new WWE Raw Championship. The seeds will be planted that Bayley didn’t help Banks.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship
Bayley (c) (w/Sasha Banks) vs. Asuka
Bonus Chance: Anyone who picks Asuka in both women’s title matches (and is correct) will win one extra bonus point.

Colin: Asuka will not lose both matches, it would be stupid to do that. Plus she kinda lost her previous title in an unfair way. If you had to strip one of the titles from Bayley and Banks, I’d say take Bayley simply because she’s been champ for a long time. So Asuka wins, new champ!

Magnum: Continuing where we left off, Bayley will likely interupt Asuka while she has Sasha in a compromising position. This could lead to a 2-on-1 beatdown where Sasha is banned from ringside for the Smackdown Women’s title match. We will get a fabulous comeback from Asuka, but she will come up just short. Bayley keeps the incredible reign going for one more day.

Don: After Asuka wins both titles at SummerSlams tonight, she will receive a tag title match at Pay Back to coniue her quest for all of the gold. Asuka wins again!

Tom: This will start the split of Sasha and Bayley. While these two would make a great Wrestlemania match with fans, but the WWE won’t wait that long for the mega powers explode part two. This match Sasha will get involved and help Bayley win to extend that WWE Smackdown Championship streak.

Street Fight
Dominik Mysterio (w/Rey Mysterio) vs. Seth Rollins (w/Murphy)

Colin: If this wasn’t a street fight where anything goes, I would have picked Seth Rollins to win. But so many potential spots for interference from Rey who will certainly be looking for revenge. Do I agree if Dominik wins? No. But he’s my pick for this one!

Magnum: Keep your eye out on this match! Oh wait, that was last month. 😀 Anyways, this feels like it would have the dynamics of a Punk/Lesnar match – Dominik throws absolutely everything at Seth, but comes up short. I’ll take Rollins to win, but Mysterio will look like a million bucks in the process.

Don: Could Seth possibly win an eye vs eye match against Rey, and then spoil the debut of Dominik all in one summer? The answer is yes, and we will see Rey vs Seth at Pay Back. Seth Rollins with the victory.

Tom: I am guessing Dominik will wear the Mysterio mask tonight. I don’t know what to expect out of Dominik for a match, but if anyone carry someone on their first match it would be Seth. With a little Mysterio magic, I see a 619 from both Dominik and Rey and then the victory over on the Monday Night Messiah.

WWE Universal Championship
Braun Strowman (c) vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Colin: So Braun won one, Wyatt won one, and this is the rubber match I assume. The Fiend needs to be kept strong, especially after losing the title to Goldberg. Strowman as champion has done nothing for me. It’s been one of the most boring runs ever in my opinion. Give me The Fiend to walk out as the new champ.

Magnum: I’m also going to take The Fiend in this match. I don’t necessarily agree that Braun has been a terrible champion – like Drew, the timing and circumstances could not have been worse. That said, he’s made his mark as the WWE Universal Champion, and he’s on pace to be a Hall of Famer, so there’s a lot to be proud of. As for tonight? Alexa’s going to break his mighty heart. Bray Wyatt once again ascends to the top of the mountain…expect a lot more creativity from Wyatt using the Thunderdome.

Don: I think the Thunderdome and Smackdown have big plans for The Fiend moving forward. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt wins the title.

Tom: This story has gone on too long and will not be over after this match. The Fiend will take a beating from Braun. When you think The Fiend has been beaten up too bad, Alexa will come out and tell Braun to have some mercy. Braun will and then turn his back. Then a swerve from Alexa and she will low blow Braun. With the height difference she may be able to do this standing up. Finally, The Fiend will get the mandible claw and pin on Braun to be the new Universal Champion.

Bonus Point #1: Does Alexa Bliss appear in this match?

Colin: YES! Hopefully she turns heel and joins Wyatt.

Magnum: Absolutely, she will. Braun wouldn’t lose this match otherwise.

Don: Yes, we find out it was really not an image of her at Extreme Rules.

Tom: Yes, see above!

Bonus Point #2: Will Money in the Bank be cashed in during this match?

Colin: No.

Magnum: Now THIS is very interesting. Otis is nowhere to be found on this card. However, the very thought of Otis cashing in and beating Bray to win the title is a little scary…because Wyatt’s credibility would take a serious hit if that happened. I’ll say no, but stranger things have certainly happened.

Don: No.

Tom: No.

WWE World Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

Colin: This is a tough one. I like Drew as champ and I don’t think Orton needs the title. The last time Orton had a run with the title was … meh. But now you have the Flair factor, who I still think is aligned with Orton secretly. But I’m going to go against the popular choice here and pick Drew to retain the title, somehow, someway.

Magnum: Colin’s right, this IS a tuff one to call. Randy Orton destroyed Rusev in 10 seconds a few years back, but aside from that, Orton’s not had a big title win at this show since 2013, when he cashed in MITB on Daniel Bryan. I think it’s time for RKO to once again take his place atop the food chain. Orton wins. 

Don: Raw ratings are dropping, and that means it is usually time to give the belt to Orton. I think this year is different. WWE has to give McIntyre a chance to defend the title at least one in front of a live crowd. McIntyre retains tonight. Drew McIntyre retains.

Tom: This will be the match of the night. Sadly, for Drew his championship run since Wrestlemania would be better with fans. My opinion they need to change the title tonight. Flair and HBK will get in the way and make distractions. Flair will distract the ref. HBK will go for a Sweet Chin Music on Orton. Orton will move out of the way and HBK will connect with McIntyre. Then there will be a RKO on HBK and followed by a punt to McIntyre for the One-Two-Three on Drew to become the new World Champion.

Well, there you have it from all of us! Enjoy Summerslam, and we’ll see you next time for the WOPC Pick’em Challenge! @TheMagnumDA signing off.

Magnum DA
Magnum DAhttp://www.twitter.com/themagnumda
@TheMagnumDA writes the Raw & Smackdown Live TV reports, and he is also the PPV Pick'em reporter for Wrestling-Online. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys traveling, reading, and playing PSN (ROCKofJERICHO).

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