The 15 most-read wrestling news stories of 2018 on Wrestling-Online.com

2018 was certainly a year filled with big news. From Ronda Rousey’s arrival at the Royal Rumble, to Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return, a couple of wrestlers passing away, rape allegations, firings, Roman Reigns’ leukemia and many more.

Here we take a look at the top 15 most-read stories of 2018 from Wrestling-Online.com.

#15 – David Arquette slices his neck with light tube during indy wrestling death match [Published: 11/17/2018]

Everyone’s favorite WCW champion of all time! 2018 saw David Arquette seriously getting back in professional wrestling, paying his dues in the independent circuit. Unfortunately for Arquette, he agreed to participate in a death match. The result? He sliced his neck with a broken light tube. Death match + David Arquette = not happening again.

#14 – Saudi’s General Sports Authority issues apology for “indecent” ad featuring women during GRR broadcast [Published: 04/28/2018]

When WWE went to Saudi Arabia, the rules were clear. No women, no video of women. WWE still went ahead and aired a commercial that featured the WWE women dancing. That went over very well in the stadium, but not with the Saudi General Sports Authority which issued an apology after the event was over. Oops!

#13 – Scarlett Bordeaux makes her super sexy Impact Wrestling debut! [Published: 07/27/2018]

The only Impact-related entry in this list…and it’s thanks to the blond bombshell by the name of Scarlett Bordeaux. Her debut needs no play-by-play as the video says it all. Perfect 10!

#12 – “The Dynamite Kid” Tom Billington passes away on his birthday [Published: 12/05/2018]

It’s always unfortunate when someone passes away. On December 5, former WWE Tag Team champion The Dynamite Kid died on his birthday, which made it even more sad. Tom Billington was in pretty bad shape, his health had been in decline for several years and his death was not unexpected.

#11 – Big Cass fired from WWE [Published: 06/19/2018]

It’s safe to say that Big Cass had a terrible year. He went from one of the top acts in NXT with Enzo Amore to getting fired in a span of a few years. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he disobeyed direct orders after he was told not to do one thing…and still proceeded to do it on television.

#10 – Enzo Amore ejected from ringside at the Survivor Series [Published: 11/18/2018]

Cass’ former partner in crime finds himself on this list not once, but twice! Doesn’t mean he had the best year of his life though. On this occasion, Amore went incognito at the Survivor Series, buying an expensive ringside seat and then unveiled himself to the crowd after he was made. You can’t even script this stuff!

#9 – Titus O’Neil pulls a Shockmaster entrance at the Greatest Royal Rumble [Published: 04/27/2018]

There are things that if you try a million times, you wouldn’t nail it. This was one of them. No doubt, the funniest moment of 2018 came in Saudi Arabia when Titus O’Neil came out during the Greatest Royal Rumble match and tripped, sliding all the way underneath the ring. Titus Worldslide will live on forever.

#8 – Jey Uso arrested after WWE event and charged with a DWI [Published: 01/16/2018]

2018 started badly for Jey Uso as the Smackdown Tag Team title holder at the time was arrested following a non-televised live event in Hidalgo, Texas. WWE did not punish Uso though and he returned to TV still with the title. Welcome, to the Uso Penitentiary!

#7 – What?! Shawn Michaels cuts off his pony tail! [Published: 04/04/2018]

For most of his career, HBK rocked the long hair and many fans don’t even remember him not having long hair. Imagine the shock when during the WrestleMania weekend, the WWE Hall of Famer decided to cut off his ponytail! He later went and even shaved his head. Goodbye, childhood!

#6 – Lana loses her blond wig after Asuka delivers a head kick! [Published: 06/05/2018]

Another hair-related post. This time though it was not someone cutting off their hair…it was someone losing it during a match. It’s no secret that many of the WWE women use wigs and Lana lost hers during a match against Asuka when the Empress of Tomorrow kicked her so hard that Lana’s wig flew away.

#5 – A bat flew a bit too close to Ronda Rousey on Monday Night Raw! [Published: 08/15/2018]

Monday Night Raw had an unexpected visitor and Ronda Rousey got a close look at it while at ringside. In another LOL moment, a bat flew down to ringside and circled Rousey. Rousey kept her cool and continued watching the match while also keeping an eye on the unwanted guest.

#4 – Twitter user accuses Enzo Amore of rape in October [Published: 01/22/2018]

It was the story that kicked off Amore’s horrible year that led to his firing from WWE. As the cruiserweight champion at the time, an individual named Philomena Sheahan accused Amore that he raped her a few months before. A police investigation eventually led to the accuser being described as not credible and no evidence was found. Amore was let off the hook but still on the unemployed list.

#3 – Brian Christopher Lawler passes away [Published: 07/29/2018]

The son of Jerry “The King” Lawler unfortunately passed away in jail at age 46, hanging himself at the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Department. His death however is still being investigated as Jerry and his legal team are claiming that there’s more than what the Sheriff department are saying.

#2 – Roman Reigns’ name tied to steroid distribution ring which was raided by DEA [Published: 01/16/2018]

Roman Reigns also didn’t have the best of years. Richard Rodriguez, the co-owner of the Iron Addicts Gym, said that Roman Reigns was a frequent client of his, involved in the Wellness Fitness Nutrition steroid business. Filmmaker Jon Bravo, who was investigating the case, said that he would provide proof that Reigns was indeed a buyer…proof which never came and Bravo eventually went hiding.

#1 – WrestleMania 35 ticket prices and seating chart [Published: 10/31/2018]

Every year, Wrestling-Online.com publishes the prices and seating chart of WrestleMania before anyone else does. Combined with good search engine ranking for the topic and links from other forums, the seating chart and prices takes the cake of the most read story on the website for 2018.

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