Hell In A Cell 2020 Pick’em report

Hello everybody! It’s @TheMagnumDA with your HELL IN A CELL Pick’em report. Tonight, Colin and I are going to step into hell, and only one will walk away with the WOPC Championship. We’re trying a new scoring system this evening – Colin and I will be making our picks using Confidence Points. At publishing time, there were only 5 major matches announced for the show. Using 1-5 points, we’ll be making our picks for tonight’s show. If there’s a tie, the champion (me) retains their title.


Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship
Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Colin: A match which I would have loved if it was in front of a live crowd. Bayley and Sasha have been the best thing in WWE this year. Love the whole program. I would have worked this differently and only have them wrestle at WrestleMania. But we get this now. Sasha needs a win and a decent title reign. Bayley’s days as champion are over. Long live the Legit Boss – four points.

Magnum: I’ve also enjoyed Bayley and Sasha this entire year. They’re serious candidates for MVP (no pun intended) of 2020 – both as a tag team, and here in this feud. Great promos, lots of good build-up, and considering that Bayley hit the one-year mark of her title reign, it’s time for The Boss to step up and take the reigns. Sasha Banks wins the title – four points.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

Colin: It’s not like I really care for this match to be honest. Jeff is sort of floating around and Elias has just come back from an injury. I would think Elias gets this win here – two points.

Magnum: Jeff Hardy’s had a nice little run in 2020, but I think this is the start for Elias’ big push. Give me Elias in a decisive victory – three points.

“Money in the Bank” Contract Match
Otis (contract holder) vs. The Miz

Colin: Otis winning the Money In The Bank ladder match was an odd decision in the first place. I can’t see him cashing in against Drew or Roman. I can see a chicken-shit heel like The Miz attempt it – and fail – though. But, having said that, the MITB winner has a year to cash in and we’re just half way there so far. So I’m picking Otis to win and keep the contract – three points.

Magnum: Yeah, “Law and Otis” didn’t really do it for me on Smackdown…and I don’t think things are going to get much better for Otis. I hate when the briefcase changes hands like this, but you wouldn’t book this match if you didn’t intend to move the briefcase. Yes, there’s precedents…but I can’t shake the feeling that Otis is getting screwed. Miz wins – one point.

Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

Colin: Man, how many times Orton has to lose in this feud? Now mind you, Drew has been an excellent champion so far and I feel bad for him for not having any fans live during his whole reign. If this feud is continuing, Orton will win here. If this feud is ending tonight, then Drew is winning this one. I’m still not sure which way it will go, but I’m going to say Drew wins it – one point.

Magnum: I’m not sure what the endgame is, anymore. Edge seems content writing for Smackdown right now…so if he’s not going to come back and face Orton, then I don’t see any reason for Orton to win the title here. I went against Drew before…I can’t go against him again. Give me Drew to retain the gold – two points.

“I Quit” Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Jey Uso

If Jey Uso loses, he and his brother Jimmy Uso will have to take orders and acknowledge Reigns as The Tribal Chief or The Usos and their immediate families will be exiled from the Anoa’i family.

Colin: Get ready for Jey Uso to be Roman’s bitch for a few months, because we all know that’s going to happen. Reigns is going to win this one and he’s gonna force Jey to do the dirty work for the tribal chief. There’s no other scenario for me. I’m loving the new Roman Reigns and I hope it really ends with a Reigns vs Rock match sometime down the road for the real chief of the family. Roman wins – five points.

Magnum: This one might have the most foregone conclusion…we know Roman is going to win this match. What’s interesting about it is how they get there. I actually think that Jimmy is going to cost Jey the match, ensuring that both Usos join Roman Reigns’ tribe. I’m not sure if it all leads to Rock’s return, as Colin mentioned…but man, that’d be a hell of a storyline twist. Rock vs. Reigns and The Usos. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, though. First things first: Roman retains – five points.

That’s going to do it for the Pick’em crew! We’ll see you next month for the SURVIVOR SERIES!!! @TheMagnumDA signing off.

Magnum DA
Magnum DAhttp://www.twitter.com/themagnumda
@TheMagnumDA writes the Raw & Smackdown Live TV reports, and he is also the PPV Pick'em reporter for Wrestling-Online. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys traveling, reading, and playing PSN (ROCKofJERICHO).

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