UFC on FX 6: Sotiropoulos vs Pearson live play by play

In the first night of back to back free events from the UFC the Ultimate Fighter Smashes will crown their first champions as lightweights Norman Parke faces off against Colin Fletcher and welterweights Bradley Scott will compete against Robert Whittaker. The Ultimate Fighter Smashes took place in Australia against Team U.K, fighters and tonight’s event is taking place in Queensland Australia. The card is headlined by a five round affair between dangerous lightweights  and Australia’s own George Sotiropoulos meets Sunderland, England’s Ross Pearson. In another main card match that all eyes should be on is middleweights Rousimar Palhares and Hector Lombard square off. Prelims on Fuel kick off at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT and main card begins at 9pm Et/ 6pm PT.


Prelims on Fuel TV

Light Heavyweights(205lbs)

Cody “Donnybrook” Donovan vs Nick “The Quiet Assassin” Penner

Ref: Marc Goddard

Round 1-

Donovan goes to the body early and Penner forces him against the cage. Donovan is pressed against the cage but lands a couple knees. Donovan gets free and as he closes the distance Penner drops him with a right. Donovan tries for an armbar but Penner pulls his arm free. Donovan now attempts a triangle and Penner stands back up after he pulls his head free. Penner catches Donovan with an upper cut as he comes in again and Donovan is back down on his back. Donovan tries for a heel hook from the bottom again. Penner stands back up. Donovan catches Penner with a foot to the groin as he goes for a knee. As the resume Penner catches lands another counter right and Donovan is able to grab the legs of Penner and pull them out from under him to get the take down. Donovan works from a half guard and Penner is able to push him off as he moves to the mount. Penner gets up and eats a left  that drops him. Donovan now stands above Penner and rains down punches that put out Penner. Goddard jumps in and stops the fight.

Winner at 4:35 of round 1 by TKO(strikes) Cody “Donnybrook” Donovan



Mike “The Warrior” Wilkinson vs Brendan Loughnane

Ref: John Sharp

Round 1-

Loughnane goes to work early with the leg kicks. Loughnane switching back and forth his stances and the alternate leg kicks.  Loughnane with a nice side kick to the body and Wilkinson has not been able to get inside to land a punch. Wilkinson clips Loughnane with a winging left and he dives in to get the take down. Loughnane has the high closed guard and trying to strike from the bottom. Wilkinson with some nice punches to the body then up to the head. Wilkinson is keeping his head pressed to the body of Loughnane to avoid most of the strikes from the bottom. Wilkinson again to the body then head. Loughnane is able to get up using the cage and breaks the clinch Loughnane with a nice right and Wilkinson is not able to get the take down when he tries this time. Loughnane with a head kick that is partially deflected as Wilkinson ducks to punch the body.

Round 2-

Loughnane with another kick  and he avoids two take down attempts from Wilkinson. Wilkinson now clips Loughnane with the overhand right and has him against the fence. Wilkinson with a short right then drops for another take down. Wilkinson going for the single but can’t complete it. Loughnane gets free and nails Wilkinson with a left hook as Wilkinson goes for another body shot. Wilkinson is cut above the right eye. Wilkinson is doing a lot of pursuing lands a straight that bloodies the nose of Loughnane. Wilkinson goes for another take down against the fence but Loughnane with the under hook spins free. Loughnane really working that lower lead leg kick btu Wilkinson is walking through it. Loughnane eats a left  and now Wilkinson has him against the cage with a body lock. Loughnane looking for a kimura eats a series of knees to the face. Loughnane spins free and lands a left of his own these two stand in front of each other and trade until the close of the round.

Round 3-

Loughnane lands a right straight and eats a counter right hook from Wilkinson. Wilkinson goes to the body with the left and upstairs with another right hook. Wilkinson catches an inside leg kick high on the thigh and takes a pinky finger to the eye. Loughnane with straight left and Wilkinson counters with another right hand. Wilkinson is finding a home for that counter right. Wilkinson tries for a double and can’t get it neither can he get a single. Wilkinson with an over hand right and as he comes in to go to the body Loughnane barely misses with a huge lifting knee. Wilkinson goes for another take down and has Loughnane against the cage. Loughnane reverses and puts Wilkinson against the fence now and delivers a knee. Both men are bloodied and Loughnane now is unable to get the take down. Loughnane backs off and drops Wilkinson with a right. Wilkinson quickly recovers and works his way back to his feet. Loughnane holding on to the body and grabs the back of Wilkinson’s head to deliver a knee to the face. Wilkinson peppering him with punches and Loughnane backs off. the stand and trade punches. Wilkinson getting the better countering. Loughnane switches it up and goes for another huge knee as they trade punches again for the last few seconds of the fight.

Big round of applause from the crowd for the fight these two put on.

Winner by Unanimous Decision(29-28, 29-28, 29-28 ) and still undefeated Mike “The Warrior” Wilkinson



Manuel “Chalate” Rodriguez vs Ben “Benny Blanco” Alloway

Ref: Steve Perceval

Round 1-

Rodriguez immediately goes in for the take down after he gets him on the fence he gets the double leg. Alloway working for a triangle as soon as they hit the mat. Rodriguez gets into side control and Alloway is walking up the cage. Rodriguez keeps a hold of the body lock and drags Alloway back down. Rodriguez in half guard actively working his way to side control. Alloway is blocking with his knee and Rodriguez goes to the other side and gets it. Alloway rolls over and Rodriguez takes his back and sinks one hook in. Alloway in a turtled position keeping Rodriguez from getting the second one. Alloway gets back to his feet after eating some punches before Rodriguez drags him down. Alloway quickly gets up and has Rodriguez on the fence. Alloway with a few knees to the legs then separates. Rodriguez eats a counter left from Alloway.  Alloway  kicks Rodriguez in the groin and the ref thinks that it was body shot and it dropped Rodriguez. Perceval  is waving off the fight then meets with the commissioner  and gets permission to restart the fight. Rodriguez is fine now. Alloway goes for a front kick as Rodriguez is dropping levels and the kick connects to the chin ala Silva vs Belfort. Alloway lands a little ground and pound but Rodriguez is out with under 10 secs left in the round.

Winner by KO at 4:57 of round 1 Benny “Benny Blanco” Alloway


Welterweights (170lbs)

Seth “Polish Pistola” Baczynski vs Mike Pierce

Ref: Marc Goddard

Round 1-

Pierce quickly gets the double and is in full guard. Baczynski pounding away at the side of the head of Pierce. Pierce lifts him up and slams him down closer to the cage. Baczynski uses it thought to wall walk and get back to his feet. Pierce holds tight and keeps working to get the bigger man back down. Baczynski sprawls then is able to circle out. Baczynski just misses with a front kick and Pierce throws a left and shoots but doesnt get the take down. Pierce catches a body kick and gets the take down now. Pierce in half guard is preventing Baczynski from walking back up the cage. Pierce with right hands to the face and Baczynski gets back up till Pierce grabs him and lifts him into the air and slams Baczynski on his back. Baczynski eats a short elbow and now trying to punch from the bottom. Pierce keeps him down and punches away at the body till the end of round 1.

Round 2-

Touch gloves now for round 2 and Baczynski trying to work the jab to keep Pierce out of range. Pierce quickly grabs the lead leg and puts Baczynski back down with a single. Pierce with some busy ground and pound. Baczynski gets back to his feet but is just being smothered by Pierce. Baczynski trying everything to get off the cage and out of the grasp of Pierce. Baczynski with a flying knee now but Pierce ties him up. Baczynski has Pierce against the cage and threatens a guillotine.  Baczynski gets off a couple punches then resets to the center. Pierce goes for another take down and eats some elbows from Baczynski. Baczynski gets back to the middle and as he goes for the Muay Thai clinch he eats a series of uppercuts that briefly drops his legs from under him. Pierce is able to get the fighter back to the canvas and while Baczynski is staying busy punching off his back Pierce is clearly controlling.

Round 3-

Baczynski is busted open under the left eye and Pierce comes charging forward with big winging punches then tries to tie up Baczynski. Baczynski circles free and jab jab flying knee. Baczynski mixing it up the knees and punches finding his spots with good accuracy. Pierce is busted up under the eye and takes a knee to the body on his way to getting the take down. Baczynski with elbows from the bottom and hammer fist. Pierce is landing with some punches but missing with the big punches and elbows. Baczynski threatening with the triangle and arm bar as he is punching away. Goddard stands them up as Pierce wasn’t doing much other then avoiding shots on the top. Pierce shoots for the power double and gets it off the fence. Baczynski threatens the submission again but Pierce is in no real danger. Pierce begins raining down punches with seconds left in the fight.

That was a very diligent wrestler grinding out the victory.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28 ) Mike Pierce


Light Heavyweights (205lbs)

Joey “The Mexicutioner” Beltran vs Igor Pokrajac

Ref: John Sharp

Round 1-

Pokrajac want to set up the striking and Beltran immediately pins Pokrajac against the fence and works the dirty boxing with his head pinned under the jaw of Pokrajac. Pokrajac thinks he is getting room and Beltran goes to work with a body shot then big uppercuts. Beltran pushes him back in the fence then with a vicious big combo to the body sorry didn’t count them too fast. Beltran grinds against him a little more then lets go and mixes up another big combos to the head and body. Beltran ties him back up and threatens the take down just to release and deliver another fast combo to the head and body now he mixes in a knee to the body. Pokrajac is eating a big series of uppercuts to the body and face. Pokrajac plays opossum looks hurt but ends up hurting Beltran with a short right uppercut. Now Pokrajac has Beltran against the cage and Beltran is still firing away with knees elbows and punches. Last ten seconds and the two just winging the punches. GREAT ROUND 1 for Beltran.

Round 2-

Pokrajac with a counter left to the charging Beltran as Pokrajac sways out of the way.  Pokrajac with a nice counter left to the forehead. Pokrajac walking down Beltran landing some good shots as he gets Beltran backed up to the fence. Beltran working the inside elbow as Pokrajac working for a take down. Beltran reverses and foot stomps Pokrajac. Pokrajac takes more short shots to the body and an inside elbow. Beltran landing the dirty boxing with shots to the head then body. Beltran with foot stomp, knee to the thigh then short punches up top. Beltran catches Pokrajac with an uppercut to the groin that was aimed for the body. Beltran now with some great head movement. Beltran gets the single collar tie and is unloading with right hooks and uppercuts as Beltran forces him against the cage. Pokrajac is taking an amazing amount of punches. Beltran back to the body head dirty boxing combos.

Round 3-

Beltran is looking sharp at 205. Pokrajac walks down Beltran but Beltran with more fantastic head movement is ducking and weaving out of the way. Beltran spins Pokrajac against the cage now with a single under hook  and mixes in dirty boxing. Beltran with a nice counter left after eating a right hook from Pokrajac. Pokrajac fires off three right hooks and Beltran eats them and counters with his own. Pokrajac with his hands down is trying to pressure Beltran now and Beltran pushes back up against Pokrajac puts his head under the chin and drives knees to the body and legs. Pokrajac briefly gets space eats a few shots to the body tries to strike and Beltran puts him back on the cage. Pokrajac tries to drop down for a take down and Beltran sprawls threatens a guillotine then delivers a series of knees to the head of Pokrajac. 10 secs left and these two go back to just throwing all they got left including a head kick that is deflected from Beltran.

Beltran looked GOOD! That is a former heavyweight who had some difficulties in the past but you can’t help but think he would have stopped any one with out the granite chin of Pokrajac. Beltran was pressing a great pace and never showed signs of gassing.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Joey “The Mexicutioner” Beltran


Featherweight (145 lbs)

Yaotzin Meza vs Chad “Money” Mendes

Ref: Steve Perceval

Round 1-

Meza is making his UFC debut and is training partner of 155 champ Benson Henderson. In fact, Meza took this fight last week when he was at UFC on FOX to corner Henderson.

Mendes with multiple leg kicks as Meza works to get the jab established. Lots of circling Mendes goes to body with a left and the right hook behind it clips the chin. Mendes with a nice left to the body the center back octagon and Mendes connects this time with the overhand right counter that lands flesh on the jaw and Meza is down. Mendes with a right, left, right punches to the unprotected chin of Meza and he is out.

Winner by KO at 1:55 of round 1 Chad “Money” Mendes


Joey Beltran does an interview for Fuel and when asked who he wants next it took him no time to call out Thiago Silva. Beltran says “he was disrespectful… and calls him a bully that needs to be dealt with.” Beltran points out Silva is currently suspended so it may or may not work out but he says he could use a little time off.


UFC on FX 6 main card


Middleweights (185lbs)

Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares vs Hector “Lightning” Lombard

Ref: Marc Goddard

Round 1-

Brazilian Top Team fighter takes on American Top Team. Lombard with a big looping right hook from Lombard that barely misses a retreating Palhares. Lombard eats a knee this time coming in. Lombard drops Palhares with the right and Palhares immediately spins for the leg of Lombard. Lombard lets him up and is using the right hook to set up the left and he catches him this time and drops Palhares. Lombard gets in side control and waves his hand motioning for the Goddard to stand them. Goddard applies Lombard pressures Palhares over to the cage and Lombard has a pair of right hooks partially blocked before landing the left uppercut that drops Palhares. Lombard with a series of rights as they go down then Lombard connects with the left again to get the knockout victory. Lombard has delivered that KO that UFC fans have been waiting for since he came to the organization. Lombard dropped his last fight and UFC debut to Tim Boetsh. Even though Palhares is out they give Lombard the TKO as the ref may have been on his way in before those last two lefts connected.

Winner by TKO at 3:38 of round to 1 Hector “Lightning” Lombard

Lombard said he “wants to do that to Bisping! Bisping? Where are you? Stop talking! I want to get my hands on you, when asked about the finish. Lombard also stated that his first mma fight came in the Gold Coast and that all of his wins are credited to Australia.


TUF:Smashes Lightweight (155lbs) Finale

Norman “Stormin” Parke vs Colin “The Freakshow” Fletcher

Ref: John Sharp

Round 1-

Fletcher with an 8″ reach advantage. Parke with a overhand left and tries to tie up Fletcher with an over/under hook. Parke gets Fletcher to the outside and works for the body lock and briefly gets the take down on Fletcher gets back up. Parke spins him off the cage and gets the take down. Parke in half guard and Fletcher weakly tries to distract Parke with a guillotine.  Parke still in half guard now has a wrist lock working to get it into an arm bar. Fletcher avoids and Parke delivers a series of short elbows in close off the head of Fletcher. Parke gets to side control than as Fletcher spins Parke takes north/south and as he gets the salivary position on Fletcher; Fletcher is able to spin and sweep Parke onto his back. The round ends with Fletcher working from side control.

Round 2-

Fletcher’s corner tells him he his down a round. Parke eats a pair of leg kicks then goes for the clinch and single off of it. Fletcher tries to counter with the knees but Parke gets him over to the cage and gets the body lock take down. Fletcher on the bottom trying to get an arm bar while Parke is working for the knee. Parke spins and takes side control. Parke gets a one armed guillotine. Parke can’t lock in the submission but takes the mount position and drops a big elbow. Fletcher spins and Parke gets a body triangle and locks in the rear naked choke. Parke can’t get it under the chin and Fletcher gets back to his feet. Parke with a counter left that connects. Fletcher kick kick then lounging jab that has him eating another counter left. Parke with a nice left right left combo. Fletcher goes back to kicking at the body and legs of Parke to get the distance. Parke is able to secure one last take down in the final 10 seconds.

Round 3-

Parke counter well against the taller Fletcher. Parke with the rights and straight left down the middle. Parke with a left hook  right jab left combo. Fletcher is bleeding from the corner of the eye and nose it looks like. Fletcher steps in with an inside leg kick and Parke counters with the left. They are not landing clean but Parke is throwing them to end the fight. Fletcher lands a stepping elbow but eats a thudding body shot for it. Fletcher with another elbow attempt and Parke lands a quick left right combo. Parke gets the take down with thirty seconds left and Fletcher rolls over and is able to get up in the last 10 seconds. Parke hears the tapping and just throws all the punches he can as fast as he can. The two friends from Northern Ireland and England embrace after the bell.

Winner and 1st TUF: Smashes lightweight contract recipient by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)  “Stormin” Norman Parke


TUF:Smashes Welterweight (170lbs) Finale

Bradley “Bear” Scott vs Robert Whittaker

Ref:  Steve Perceval

Round 1-

Scott is able to close the distance and get the over/under on Whittaker against the cage. Whittaker with knee to the body that are lifting Scott up in the air. Whittaker is able to push off Scott and lands a left hook as they reset in the center. Whittaker counters the push kick with another left that connects. Whittaker with a left right hook combo and Scott pushes through it to tie up Whittaker. Whittaker with some knees going back wards. Whittaker gets him off of him and lands a charging 5 punch combo that drops Scott. Whittaker trying to finish it but Scott survives and gets back to his feet. Scott pressing forward and as soon as he slows Whittaker charges forward with a 3 punch combo. Whittaker lands a head kick right before the end of the round.

Round 2-

Bradley still being the aggressor but this time when Whittaker blitzes Scott counters with body/head combo. Scott with left hook right leg kick combo that lands and now Whittaker tries his own leg kick and catches Scott in the cup. After a break they touch gloves and Scott nails him in the body and misses the right. Scott lands a high kick. Scott grabs Whittaker as he comes forward this time and lands some knees. Scott gets the take down and gets one hook in on a kneeling Whittaker. Scott trying to open him up with punches. Scott gives up on the hook and knees Whittaker in the body. Scott with more short shots now gets both hooks in against the fence. Scott punching and punching. Scott keeps Whittaker from escaping out the back but Whittaker switches and goes forward to get up. Whittaker with a left hook to counter a kick. Scott is going to the body with a right upper cut left hook combo over and over but not having much success. Whittaker with a head kick that is deflected just before the horn.

Round 3-

Whittaker with a right straight left hook combo. Now Whittaker charges forward again with another 1, 2, 1 combo. It has Scott covering but it doesn’t stop Whittaker from landing a couple right upper cuts. Whittaker now stepping in with big elbows as Scott comes in. Scott with a left that you see bust the nose of Whittaker. Scott now trying the elbow and then a 4 punch combo. Whittaker with a stepping elbow now a big left hook. Whittaker tries for a single collar tie and throws a few upward elbows. Whittaker with a head kick that is blocked. Whittaker is exploding forward with the elbow. Whittaker follows with a thudding body kick. Crowd is going insane. Whittaker has busted open a gusher on the hair line of Scott with those upward elbows. as the crowd gets louder these two are throwing more and more behind their punches. Whittaker with a step to the left out of the way of Scott’s strikes and lands a pair of left upper cuts as time runs out.

1st TUF:Smashes Welterweight winner by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Australia’s own Robert Whittaker

Coming up next…

5 Round Lightweight(155lbs) TUF:Smashes coaches

Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson vs George Sotiropoulos

Ref: Marc Goddard

Round 1-

These two back away when given a chance to touch gloves. Pearson steps to the left of Sotiropoulos punch and lands a counter right hook. Pearson with a right hook again then he ducks under the punch of Sotiropoulos. Pearson with solid right hook then a left and Sotiropoulos is doing the wobbly leg dance while trying to retreat. Pearson gives chase and Sotiropoulos ties him up and lands a pair of knees. Sotiropoulos retreating again still ooks wobbly eats another right. Pearson partially deflects a head kick but you see him grimace. Pearson with a thudding leg kick that takes the legs out from under Sotiropoulos and he goes down. Pearson lets him back up to his feet. Sotiropoulos keeping his hands high lands a nice jab down the middle that has Pearson flailing backwards. Sotiropoulos ties him up then gets the slamming take down. Pearson rolls over and Sotiropoulos digs the hooks in with 30 seconds left. Sotiropoulos working for the RNC and Pearson stands up with him on his back Sotiropoulos still trying to get the choke under the chin and Pearson falls forward  onto Sotiropoulos it creates enough space that Pearson rolls and Sotiropoulos ends the round in side control.

Round 2-

Pearson starts out the round with another thudding leg kick. Pearson using the head movement to avoid the jab lands a good left to the body. Sotiropoulos circling while going back and Pearson lands another thudding left hook to the body. Sotiropoulos with a jab. Pearson now trying to incorporate the left jab down the pipe. They trade more jabs and now Pearson is ducking them again and landed a couple left hooks to the body. Sotiropoulos snaps the head back now of Pearson with the jab. Pearson connects with the left hook this time as he ducks under a jab. Pearson with another left hook this time it drops Sotiropoulos again. Pearson lets him up. Pearson with the lunging left that connects again and Pearson stuffs a pair of take downs.

Round 3-

Pearson with a left hook has Sotiropoulos grabbing his eye then his legs give out and he goes down. Pearson dives in and lands some ground and pound. Sotiropoulos tries to get a triangle and Pearson lets him up. Pearson goes to the body then another big left hook has Sotiropoulos retreating again barely on his feet. Pearson with a left jab down the pipe that lands now an over hand right followed by a stepping left jab. Sotiropoulos ducks but not in time and Pearson throws that big right hook again and it looked to hit the arms of Sotiropoulos but Sotiropoulos drops like a block of cement and Goddard is running in to stop the fight. Pearson is successful in his return to the 155er weight class.

Winner by  TKO at 0:41 of round 3 Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson


Check back later or on twitter for the nights award winners and I’ll be back with the TUF 16 Finale: Nelson vs Mitrione tomorrow night.



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