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UFC 150 Henderson vs Edgar II live play by play

Tonight from the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO the UFC returns to where it all started. Denver was the site for the very first two UFC events. Tonight the former Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar faces off with the current champion Benson Henderson, the man to take the 155 pound crown from Edgar in their last fight.

The co-main event will feature another pair of top 155ers as former WEC Lightweight title contender Donald Cerrone takes on his former training partner in Melvin Guillard. Guillard will forfeit a portion of his fight purse for failing to make weight for the fight.

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Facebook prelim fight 7:30pm ET/ 4:30pm PT


Nik “The Carny” Lentz vs Eiji Mitsuoka

Ref: Tim Mills

Round 1-

Touch gloves and Mitsuoka comes out with a common Japanese low stance. Lents catches him early with a short right. Lents sprawls and circles to the back. Lents with a slam but Mitsuoka gets up briefly before being taken down again. Mitsuoka gets up and eats a short punch before Lentz gets him down again this time he is in half guard. Mitsuoka is able to connect with an up kick and get to his feet until Lentz slams him again with a belly to back. Lentz now has the hooks in and is postured up pounding away from the back mount. The ref warns him to fight back right before he jumps in and stops the fight.

Winner by TKO at 3:45 of Rd1 Nik “The Carny” Lentz

Prelims on FX 8pm ET/ 5pm PT


Dustin “The Disciple” Pague vs Chico “The King” Camus

Ref: Tom Johnson

Round 1-

Pague charges forward and lands the left but Camus connects with a nice jab. Camus catches the kick of Pague and takes him down. Camus is in full guard and presses Pague against the cage. Camus with body shots and Pague is controlling the right arm of Camus. Pague now throws the legs up for an arm in triangle. He has Camus caught but Camus has room. Pague with nice elbows from the bottom. Pague is relentless with these elbows. Camus leans forward and Pague’s legs give out and Camus is back in full guard. Camus’ turn now to throw some elbows. Pague is now working for an omoplata but Camus is able to stay free. Pague is cut open now and Camus is pounding away as the round comes to a close.

Round 2-

Camus with a left hook and right leg kick. Pague catches a kick this time and takes Camus down. Pague sitting up in full guard but Camus gets right up. Camus with a nice left right combo. Camus ducks under a left hook of Pague and gets the take down Camus is in half guard now. Camus with a nice left. Camus keeps trying to pin the left arm of Pague with his knee. Camus with a pair of right hands that land clean. Camus is now in side control briefly before Pague gets him back into the full guard. Camus has out landed Pague on the ground 2-1 so far. Pague is controlling that right arm again of Camus but Camus is pounding away from the top keeping Pague from getting that triangle set up. Pague gets back to his feet as the round ends. Easy round for Camus.

Round 3-

Pague comes out and tries for a takedown. Camus drops to his knees and Pague gets his back. Pague has his back now with a body triangle strapped on. Pague has his leg hooked behind Camus to keep Camus from rolling over on top of him. Pague with punches to the side of the head but most are landing on the arm of Camus. Camus found an opening and rolls over. Camus now in half guard and Pague is trying to elbow away. Camus is working to get back into side control. Camus while working to get free is pounding away. Camus with full mount now and has controlled 10 of the 12 minutes so far. Pague rolls over and Camus takes his back and sets the hooks working for a rear naked with 20 seconds left. Pague is able to survive.

I would give the fight 29-28 to Camus if not 30-27. Good debut for Camus.

Winner by judges scores of 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 Chico Camus


Ken Stone vs Erik “Goyito” Perez

Ref: Herb Dean

Round 1-

Perez with three leg kicks and right hand and Stone does a face plant. Perez jumps on top and Perez with 6 punches on the way in that bring Stone in and out of consciousness.

Winner by KO at 0:17 of rd 1. Erik “Goyito” Perez


Jared “The Messenger” Hamman vs Michael Kuiper

Ref: Adam Martinez

Round 1-

Hamman works the inside leg kicks early. Hamman is mixing it up well with punches to the head and body along with kicks to the legs and body. Kuiper just keeps walking forward trying to find a home for the right hand but isn’t connecting. Hamman with a nice left and right followed by a jumping knee to the body. Kuiper is able to tie him up and get a brief take down. Kuiper with a right hand that wobbles Hamman. Kuiper with an outside leg kick that takes the leg out from under him and Kuiper swarms. Kuiper with a grazing flying knee and nice left and right. Another left and right drops Hamman before he pops back up and Kuiper walks into a pair of straights. Kuiper with a right and upper cut. Hamman is wobbling all over the cage but is still on his feet. Hamman eats another left and right. Hamman stands there and just trades. Kuiper with another left. The round comes to a close and Hamman looks like his leg is really hurt from that kick.

Round 2-

Hamman tells his corner something is torn. Kuiper comes out to start the round with another pair of outside leg kicks. Hamman is trying to come forward but is putting no pressure on that front left leg. Kuiper with another pair of kicks and a left right that drop Hamman. Hamman eats some punches from the ground but gets back to his feet. Kuiper with 4 right hands and drops Hamman again. The ref jumps in to stop it and Hamman is grasping his leg the second the fight is over.

Winner by TKO at 2:16 of round 2 Michael Kuiper.


Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez vs Tommy “Wildcard” Hayden

Ref:Tom Johnson

Round 1-

Bermudez gets a hold of a single and picks up Hayden by one leg and carries him across the cage before he gets into half guard. Hayden uses the butterfly guard to get back up to his feet. Hayden with a right hand and goes for a single of his own. Bermudez sprawls and throws a big knee as they separate. Hayden with a knee as Bermudez shoots that drops him. Hayden dives on top and takes his back. Hayden can’t get the rear naked and switches to an arm bar and Bermudez picks him up and slams him down to get out of it. Hayden gets the full guard and is able to push off to get to his feet. Bermudez with a front kick that catches Hayden in the upper chest. Hayden shoots in and Bermudez locks on a front choke and Hayden taps out to the guillotine with under half a minute left.

Winner by Submission at 4:33 of rd 1 Dennis Bermudez

Main card on Pay Per View 10pm ET/ 7pm PT


Justin “The American Kidd” Lawrence vs Max “Blessed” Holloway

Ref: Josh Rosenthal

Round 1-

Lawerence tries a jumping side kick to start the action. Holloway with a good straight down the middle. Lawrence with an overhand right. Holloway steps out of the way of a kick. Holloway gets a jab in. Lead left hook from Lawrence and Holloway goes for a jumping front kick and catches Lawrence in the groin so we have a break. Lawrence is bleeding from either the hair line or forehead. Nice left from Holloway and Lawrence briefly takes him to the ground. Side kick from Lawrence now. Holloway with a knee and Lawrence lands the counter right. Lawrence with a good left hook to the body and nice right to the jaw. Holloway with a left head kick and right hand behind it. Holloway attempts a jumping knee but the foot catches him in the groin.

Round 2-

Its the forehead that was cut from a left hook and Holloway lands the left jab to start the second. Holloway with a partially blocked head kick. Lawrence goes back to the side kick attack. Lawrence lands the lead left hand and now a spinning back fist. Holloway with a right then left but misses the flying knee behind it. Holloway ducks under a pair of overhand rights and counters both with a body shot. Lawrence uses that side kick to push away Holloway as he comes in. Lawrence grazes a left hook of the head of Holloway. Holloway stuffs another take down. Lawrence is bleeding from the nose now too. Lawrence eats a knee to the body. Lawrence with an uppercut that barely lands and Holloway counters with a left. Lawrence covers the head and eats a pair of body shots that drop him. Holloway swarms and the ref stops the fight. Lawrence is no longer undefeated and the youngest fighter in the UFC wins again.

Winner at 4:49 of rd 2 by TKO Max Holloway


Yushin “Thunder” Okami vs Buddy Roberts

Ref:Herb Dean

Round 1-

Roberts is filling in for an injured Palhares and facing one of the top middleweights in his second UFC fight.

Roberts with a left on the first exchange and right on the second. Roberts with another right as Okami comes forward. Roberts pulls his head back and lunges forward with the punches. Roberts really working the jab efficiently. Okami ties him up and has belly to back now but can’t get Roberts down. Okami gets the trip and Okami is now in closed guard. Okami is able to get to half guard now and has an arm triangle and now moves to side control. Okami with some short punches on the side. Okami is now in mount Roberts rolls over and Okami punches away until the horn sound. That was close to being over Dean was warning Roberts to do something.

Round 2-

Roberts with an awkward left that looks to have rocked Okami. Okami gets the tie up and body lock from the back gets the trip. Roberts holds on to a guillotine but lets it go in favor of getting back to his feet. Okami pulls the legs out from under Roberts and is in half guard now. Okami is now back into the full mount. Okami stays close with short punches and Roberts rolls over again and Okami has him flattened out. Roberts is blocking the shots with his arm but he is just laying there. Dean steps in and calls an end to the fight.

Winner by TKO at 3:05 of round 2 Yushin “Thunder” Okami


Jake Shields vs Ed “Short Fuse” Herman

Ref:Adam Martinez

Round 1-

Jake Shields the moves back up to middleweight after fighting at welterweight so far in the UFC.

Shields with good body kicks eary. Herman ties him up and is going for the take down. Shields gets the trip but they pop back up quickly. Shields gets another trip after some knees to the body and is in half guard. Shields takes his back but Herman gets to his feet and shakes him off. Herman stays pressured up against him on the cage. Shields pressed up against the cage as the exchange short shots to the body with knees. Shields is able to get the double under hooks and Herman against the cage. They are spinning back and forth along the fence trading short shots and jockeying for position until the round ends.

Round 2-

Shields with a left and body kick again. Herman ties him back up and Shields gets the trip and is in side control. Shields is now in side control. Shields is holding on to the arm of Herman. Shields is now working a kimura but Herman pops his arm free. Shields now trying to step over into the mount. Shields with short elbows as Herman’s head is pinned against the cage. Shields moves Herman away from the cage now. Shields tries to get the mount and Herman tries to sweep but is unable to but is able to get Shields into the closed guard now. Herman really working the elbows from the bottom. Shields has landed a few right hands and is back into half guard. The fans are booing but these two are fighting non stop. Especially at altitude this is some hard work.

Round 3-

Last round they touch gloves and Shields back to the body kick and Herman with a good jab. Shields shoots and Herman stuffs. Herman has Shields against the fence and works the dirty boxing in close. Herman backs off and eats an elbow. Shields with a right hand and shoots behind it. Shields gets the take down and they are in the middle of the octagon now. Shields is in side control and pounding away with the short elbow. Herman gets Shields back into half guard and Shields gets the mount now with under 2 minutes left. Shields has him flattened out now. Herman gets the hip escape and back to a closed guard. Both men attacking with strikes Herman from the bottom and Shields from the top. Herman bloodied the nose of Shields there at the end with an elbow.

Both men look absolutely exhausted.

Winner by judges scores of 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 Jake Shields

After the fight Shields tells Joe Rogan he had spent 7 days in Colorado altitude and next time it will be 3 weeks

Co-Main Event


Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard

Ref:Josh Rosenthal

Round 1-

Cerrone fires off the head kick early just as he said they are coming. Guillard catches him left hook that drops Cerrone. Cerrone is in trouble and Guillard follows with a knee to the body than a knee to the head as Cerrone is retreating against the cage. Guillard with left hands and an elbow. Cerrone gets space with a knee to the body. Guillard resets Cerrone still looks out of it. Cerrone catches Guillard with a shin to the head. Guillard is standing but wobbling sees Guillard is hurt and runs forward with the right hand to Knock out Guillard to get his second KO victory in his career.

Winner by KO at 1:16 of round 1 Donald Cerrone

Lightweight(155lbs) Championship

Benson “Smooth” Henderson vs Frankie “The Answer” Edgar

Ref: Herb Dean

Round 1-

Henderson gets caught with a kick in the groin and as Dean tries to stop the action Henderson nudges him aside and bounces up and down to get things to fall back in pace. Henderson with a leg kick that takes the leg out from under Edgar. He quickly gets his feet back under him. Henderson with another chopping leg kick that drops Edgar to the ground but Edgar pops back up. Henderson is really trying to work that lead left leg of Edgar. Edgar’s calf is already looking welted up. Edgar with a good kick of his own. Edgar catches the kick this time of Henderson and gets the take down. Henderson looks on the guillotine but Edgar survives to the bell.

Round 2-

Henderson throwing that piston jab out there to keep Edgar out of range. Henderson with another stepping chopping lower leg kick that takes both legs out from under Edgar. Edgar catches the body kick after he pops up and has his own kick partially deflected. Henderson with an axe kick that misses. Edgar gets the knock down with a right and swarms. Edgar working for a front choke. Henderson pops his head free. Edgar still has the front hold on and Henderson is keeping three points down to avoid a knee. Henderson escapes out the side and they are reset. Edgar’s nose is busted now. Henderson with a good body kick at the horn.

Round 3-

Still don’t know what it was to bloody the nose of Edgar. Henderson with a good kick to start the third. Henderson with a knee and as Edgar grabs it Henderson gets the upper cut in. Another chopping kick from Henderson. Edgar is ducking under the majority of Henderson’s punches and counter with a body shot in this round. Edgar with a body shot but eats a jab. Henderson is now waving his hands around but Edgar isn’t interested and nails him with his own leg kick. Edgar again ducks under and delivers a body shot. Edgar with a body kick and a big right hook from Henderson.

First round for Henderson. Second for Edgar and third could go either way.

Round 4-

Left from Henderson and another chopping leg kick. Edgar has a right hook blocked. Edgar with a leg kick and than gets the take down. Edgar is giving him space to avoid the up kick. Henderson is scouting back and Edgar locks on another front choke. Henderson survives though but eats a right from Edgar after they get back to their feet. Henderson with a pair of right jabs that knock the mouth piece out of Edgar’s mouth. Edgar with nice three rights hooks and uppercut. Henderson with a body kick that Edgar catches and Henderson charges forward telling him to lets go.

Round 5-

This is a close fight and Edgar gets in a right hook early. Henderson jabs and Edgar pushes him over backwards. Henderson gets up and Edgar ducks under a right hand to land his own counter right hook. Henderson with the body kick. Henderson with a good left right as Edgar comes forward. Henderson with a good left hand down the middle. Two minutes left. Henderson goes for the chopping leg but Edgar avoids and lands the counter right hook again. Edgar with a nice leg kick. Henderson has a knee to the body caught and Edgar ducks under another right and lands to the body. Henderson with a left and Edgar counters with a right hook again. Edgar tries for the head kick but misses and falls Henderson swarms but Edgar gets free just to eat a head kick.

Very close fight except for 2 clear rounds early.

Winner by judges scores of 46-49, 48-47, 48-47 and still Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson

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