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TUF: Jones vs Sonnen episode 1 recap

This season’s coaches are Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones.  Jones and Sonnen will face each other at the end of the season for Jones’ Light Heavyweight Championship belt. Competitors and winning coach at the end of the season will both receive a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.

For the first time the fighters get to bring family and friends to watch their fights to enter the house.

Adam Cella def. Jake Heun by arm bar at 1:22. After Heun tried to slam him Cella transitioned right to the submission.

Zak Cummings def. Nik Fekete by TKO at :08. Nik tried a front kick that missed and went for a overhand right and Zak countered with a short right hook to the chin that dropped him then pounded him out.

Kevin Casey def Eldon Sproat by RNC. Didn’t show full fight. Casey got a double leg and seemed to end it before they get back to their feet.

Tor Troeng def Scott Rosa by RNC. Troeng is from Sweden again not shown in full.

Clint Hester def Frasier Opie by decision. Chael said “Clint was flat out impressive.” Hester was a pro boxer showed good ground game. Jones considered him a top pick.

Bubba McDaniel def Ryan Bigler by TKO.  McDaniel is a training partner of Jon Jones at Jackson’s MMA. Jones was shown given McDaniel advice between rounds. From what was shown McDaniels put pressure on the Guam native against the cage the first round but Bigler was able to get the take down and threaten a submission. Round 2 McDaniels pressed Bigler against the cage got the take down and ended up pounding him out.

Josh Samman  def Leo Bercier by TKO. This is Samman’s fourth time trying out for the show. Samman gets the take down and pounds away on Bercier’s body particularly. Bercier gives up his back and Samman sinks in the body triangle asks the crowd if they are ready then and pounds away with both fist until Jones tells him not to waste his energy. Samman gives up on the double fist and picks his shots but Mazzigati had seen enough.

Kelvin Gastelum def  Kito Andrews by judges decision. Gastelum is a bail bondsman and the youngest fighter in TUF history according to Dana. Once again full fight not shown. Andrews came looking good front kicks and hard punches to the body. Gastelum was pushing harder in the 2nd round. Close fight according to coaches.

Jimmy Quinlan def Mike Persons by TKO. Quinlan came out and took care of business got the take down and pounded away till the ref saw enough.

Uriah Hall def Andy Enz by decision. Hall with some great head movement gets a take down but Enz is good off his back gets back to his feet briefly before Hall gets another take down. Hall has some vicious kicks too. Enz gets the sweep but Hall goes for a kimura and turns it into an armbar/triangle. Enz gets freeand delivers some standing knees while trying to get a standing arm choke but the first round ends. Chael stands claps and hollers “Outstanding.” 2nd round saw Enz going for the take downs. Enz gets reversed and puts on a darce choke but Hall survives and ends the second on top.  Hall looks to be front runner.

Gilbert Smith def Eric Wahlin by arm triangle. Smith gets the power take down and Wahlin threatens a gogoplata. Smith gets to side control then half guard and delivers some elbows till he locks in the arm triangle. He gets his body over to the side and Wahlin delivers a couple punches to the body but he was on his way out.  Dean steps in and ends it.

Luke Barnatt def Nicholas Kohring by decision. The 6’6″ Englishman is in Jones eyes a top 3.

Dylan Andrews def Tim Williams by decision. Williams charges forward and Andrews drops him with a right but Williams grabbed him as he was going down. Williams pulled guard and Andrews takes mount. They didnt show the rest  the fight but Dana says Williams is coming back if they need a replacement. Andrews is from a marijuana grow house in New Zealand

Collin Hart def Mike Jasper by RNC. Jones said “Hart dominated the fight with dirty boxing and reminds him of Randy Couture.”

Wild card is back this season. $5000 for finishes, $25,000 for best KO, $25,ooo for best Submission and $25,000 for best fight

Sonnen won the coin toss and wanted first pick and picks went as follows:

Team Sonnen: Luke Barnatt

Team Jones: Clint Hester

Team Sonnen: Uriah Hall

Team Jones: Josh Samman

Team Sonnen: Zak Cummings

Team Jones: Bubba McDaniel

Team Sonnen: Tor Troeng

Team Jones: Gilbert Smith

Team Sonnen: Jimmy Quinlan

Team Jones: Collin Hart

Team Sonnen: Kevin Casey

Team Jones: Adam Cella

Team Sonnen: Kelvin Gastelum

Team Jones: Dylan Andrews

Jones team made a list of who they wanted to fight and in what order to hand over to the coaches.

Jones picks first fight at that is Team Sonnen’s Luke Barnatt vs Gilbert Smith.

Josh Samman wanted to fight first and disagrees with his coaches choice.

Chael is happy with the picks and says he is going to take control but is not going to give it back.

This season you can go to fantasy.ultimatefighter.com to make your picks beginning 10pm PT.

Looks like it is going to be an exciting season.

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