The Dragon is on deck and Rousey takes home another arm

The PPV portion of UFC 157 started off with a bang as Josh Koscheck rushed the center of the cage and quickly got the power double leg on Ruthless Robbie Lawler. Lawler was a long time training partner with UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes who was one of the best wrestlers in the history of the sport. Lawler stayed calm and utilized the butterfly guard to get free and back up. Lawler sprawls on another take down and lands a big right on a kneeling Koscheck and unleashes a few more for good measures as Herb Dean rushes over to wave off the fight. Koscheck never looked out but he was pinned against the fence and Lawler was looking to hurt him.

In another grueling war Court McGee made his welterweight debut as he makes the cut down from middleweight. Josh Neer was the welcome party and he was able to go the distance but this fight was almost all McGee other than the second round. McGee unleashed the strikes in bunches never settling for one when he could land as many as five in row. McGee hurt the body or more precisely the liver of Neer at the end of round but once he had Neer on the ground he was punching away at the head and not the body. Round 2 was the same from McGee but Neer was able to get off a few good series when he would start the exchange rather than try to counter. In the third round McGee continued the relentless pace and set a new record for strikes landed for a welterweight by eclipsing the 234 mark. McGee took the unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 from all three judges. This was his first time fighting at 170 I can’t wait to see what he does after he makes that cut a few more times.

The rematch between “The California Kid” Urijah Faber and Ivan Menjivar was up next and Menjivar started it off with a beautiful throw. Faber was able to roll over and get side control. Faber spends the next few minutes pounding away on Menjivar. Menjivar gets some space and tries to get up but Faber hopes on his shoulders side ways than spins the right leg around the waist of the standing Menjivar to get the body triangle. Faber locks in the standing rear naked choke and Menjivar taps out at 4:34 of round 1.

In the co-main event a number one contender for the Light Heavyweight champion was decided and that man will be Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. Machida took the split decision 28-29, 29-28, 29-28 over Dan Henderson in a fight that never really got started it seemed. First round was close but went to Machida as he got the trip take down in the last 10 seconds. Both men seemed to have a great deal of respect for one another but they never fell for each others feints so not much happened other than circling. Hendo got the one take down he went for in the third but was never able to land that big over hand right of his. Hendo did out strike Machida to the body and legs but Machida out struck Henderson with the head shots. Machida landed 30 I think which is a low output especially compared to McGee who earlier landed 100 strikes in one round. Machida tried some of his karate techniques but nothing that ever seemed to hurt Henderson or land cleanly. It would have been interesting to see it go two more rounds but I am not sure if that would have even changed a thing. Machida will now face the winner of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen bout after this season of TUF wraps up.

In the main event Rowdy Ronda Rousey is able to end another fight in the first round by arm bar to make it 7 pro fights,  and 7 first round submissions by arm bar. Rousey locked on a headlock almost immediately and worked to get the fight to the ground. Liz Carmouche gave her a hell of a fight though including at one point taking Rousey’s back standing and locking on a neck crank she didn’t have the body triangle only the hooks in and that would lead to the end as Rousey was able to shake her and eventually get that leg across the face. Rousey started cranking on that arm and Carmouche defended for about a minute but Rousey was able to keep prying then eventually pops that arm free and Carmouche has to tap out and taps out quickly.  Joe Rogan when complementing Rousey after the mentioned all she is doing for women not just women in combat sports but added at the end that those are the sexiest cauliflowered ears in mma.

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