Ronda Rousey on Conan, talks about photo shoot, arm bar, and sex


Strikeforce champ Ronda Rousey was on Conan yesterday to promote her upcoming fight against Sarah Kaufman on August 18 on Showtime and her All Access episode.

During her appearance, Rousey talked about her ESPN Body Issue cover and pictorial, where she appears naked in the magazine, the arm bar which has so far won her eight fights including the title, as well as a rather unusual question from Conan: sex before fighting.

Conan said that men are superstitious about having sex before they fight so he asked if it’s the same for women.

“No it’s actually the opposite for women, if you have sex it raises your testosterone. So, it kinda sucks I don’t have a boyfriend right now but I’m sure my Twitter is blowing up with offers at the moment,” Rousey said while laughing.

Conan also showed a clip of Rousey winning the title by making former Strikeforce champ Meisha Tate submit to the armbar as the crowd went “Oooooh” and Conan covered his eyes.

“It’s okay I didn’t like her that much,” Rousey said.

You can see three clips from the show below.