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GSP decisions Diaz to join Hughes atop all time UFC wins


Georges “Rush” St, Pierre and Nick Diaz finally got a chance to meet in the Octagon and St. Pierre showed why he belongs at the top of pound for pound ranks. Diaz got taken down within the first minute of the fight by the champion which turned out to be how much of the fight would go on to play out.  St. Pierre was one step ahead of Diaz, who is known for his jiu-jitsu prowess, most of the night.  Rush was able to get Diaz on his back over and over again through out the fight. Diaz attempted numerous submissions but the champ would never be in danger for long. One example that played out numerous times was Diaz would reach for a leg of GSP as the champ was hanging over his back. GSP would quickly hop his body over the back of Diaz to work from the other side and keep Diaz from getting a hold or reversing. As the fight went on St. Pierre landed his trade mark strikes; superman punch, stepping jab and the kicks. The judges awarded St. Pierre the 50-45×3 unanimous decision.

Diaz had his share of his highlight moments as he had to be escorted back to his corner after round 1 as he acted like he was going to go after Rush and then after the second he threw a punch after very shortly after the horn. Aside from those Diaz was able to land some shots including looking like he stunned the champ with a punch and coming close to winning the third round until he spent the last minute on his back.

St. Pierre wins his 18th inside the Octagon to bring his record to 24-2 in pro fights. His 18th win is also m0numental because he ties the man who preceded him as king of welterweights UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes. Hughes is also one of the two men to hand Rush a defeat. This was also his 9th consecutive title defense since he captured the belt against Hughes in December of 2007.

Hendricks calls out GSP after decision over Condit

Johny “Bigg Rig” Hendricks squeaked out a close unanimous decision as he took two rounds to one over former interim 170 champ Carlos Condit. Hendricks and Condit rightfully took home the fight of the night honors and an extra $50, 000 each. These two men fought for fifteen minutes and rarely do you get to say that anymore. Hendricks was able to secure take down after take down on Condit. 12 of them in all for the four time all American wrestler and two time national champion at Oklahoma State.

Condit never gave up the fight as he continued to come forward and land a finishing knee or punch. Condit also stayed busy elbowing away at Hendricks from his back and trying to secure a submission. Hendricks landed some good shots from the half guard with punches and elbows. These two went back and forth through out but the take downs and ground control were two much and Hendricks jumps to front of the line for next shot at the champion Georges St. Pierre.

Ellenberger makes fairly quick work of Marquardt

It only took three minutes and the landing of the right hand for “The Juggernaut” to get has hand raised. Ellenberger has now won 8 of his last 10 in the UFC. Jake Ellenberger delivered the right hand to the face of Marquardt and Marquardt quickly went face down. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion quickly tried to latch onto a leg but Ellenberger held down the back of his head and landed more right hands. Marquardt was put to sleep and quickly awoken by another. Ellenberger was also awarded the knockout of the night and $50,000.

Camozzi takes two of three judges scorecards over Ring

Chris Camozzi has now won four straight fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s middleweight decision. Nick “Promise” Ring looked sharp early as he played to being the much faster man but he was unable to keep that pace up for the whole fight. Ring quickly got in and out striking Camozzi as his opponent kept coming. Late in the second Ring was fighting with his hands down as he had much of the fight but by now his volume had significantly decreased and his punches didn’t look to have the same pop that they had earlier. Camozzi clearly took the final stanza as Ring managed to survive but was being highly out worked. While I thought Ring had taken the first and Camozzi the third and the second was a toss up but two of the three judges scored it 29-28 while one scored it 29-28 for Ring.

Ricci out classes Fletcher in clear cut victory.

The first fight of the pay per view was a light weight affair as Tri Star gym representative and Canadian Mike Ricci wins the fight by taking every round on the three judges scorecards. This one was one of those cases where it seems like a fighter just doesn’t get going  and seemed to be the case for the Sunderland, England native Colin Fletcher. Ricci got the take downs and really showed he wanted it in the final round and almost got a submission from Fletcher’s back but the fight ended. This was Ricci’s first fight since dropping the unanimous decision to Colton Smith in the TUF 16 season finale.

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