X-Pac believes lab tests will prove he was not carrying meth


Sean Waltman told TMZ that the capsules he was carrying with him at LAX trying to go through customs for a flight to the United Kingdom were not meth but medicine to treat a yeast infection.

A sniffer dog was called in when Waltman was flagged in the CBP computer system for his past drug problems. The dog eventually led his handlers to find several drugs, which LAX police said were 3 cannabis chocolate bars, two THC liquid cigarettes and 38 meth capsules.

The man better known as X-Pac added that he’s 100% confident that once lab tests will be back, he will be cleared of the charge brought against him which is possession of narcotics with intent to sell.

“I was one of the worst meth heads ever,” Waltman told TMZ. But now he says he’s way past that. “I know the truth will come out.”