WWE Hall of Famer Sunny enters rehab


WWE Hall of Famer and former Diva Tammy Sytch – better known to all as Sunny – has checked herself into a rehab facility yesterday after a trip to an emergency room during the weekend.

Rob Feinstein, who runs RF Video and who also conducted an interview with her after she was released from hospital, wrote that WWE took swift action to send her to rehab after she admitted she needed help.

Feinstein wrote that he called Tommy Dreamer on Sunday to let him know about the situation, and Dreamer called WWE immediately, and within 30 minutes the company booked her stay in the rehab facility. WWE went as far as picking her up yesterday and obviously they are footing the bill as well.

“The WWE needs a lot of credit on how fast they acted and it is a good thing that they do this for anyone that has worked for the company,” he wrote on Facebook.