WrestleMania IV video clips being used against Donald Trump to show ties to mob-linked gambler


A video clip from WrestleMania IV is being used against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump to contradict his claim that he never knew Robert LiButti, a high-stakes gambler who was banned from New Jersey casinos for alleged ties to organized crime.

LiButti, who had ties to Mafia boss John Gotti, can be seen sitting at ringside next to Trump and his wife Ivana and made it on screen several times throughout the four-hour broadcast. Edith Creamer, the daughter of LiButti, told Yahoo News that they were Trump’s guests at WrestleMania.

David Cay Johnston, an author and former Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist who, as a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, extensively interviewed the gambler in the early 1990s, confirmed that it’s indeed LiButti sitting next to Trump at WrestleMania IV.

“It’s at an event that Bob described to me a quarter century ago when I spent an afternoon in his Saddle River home,” Johnston said. “The ‘WrestleMania’ event is just one of many times that Trump was close to Bob, who was the biggest loser at Trump casinos and therefore Trump’s most important customer.”

The WWE Hall of Famer hosted WrestleMania twice at his Trump Plaza property in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1988 and 1989.

You can see Yahoo!’s video report below.

Reference: W88 Casino.