Video of Chyna hugging Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral surfaces online


Rob Potylo, a friend of the late Chyna, published a video today on his YouTube account showing Chyna and Triple H embracing at Rowdy Roddy Piper’s funeral last year and totally shooting down the stories there were floating last year.

Last August, X-Pac, her former boyfriend, accused Chyna of “bum rushing” Triple H in an attempt to open dialogue. X-Pac said that what Chyna did was “pretty pathetic” and that she was close to being taken down by security. In an earlier tweet, he also added that she “crashed” the funeral service although he then deleted that tweet and said she was actually invited and apologized for using that word.

The video sees Chyna waiting on Triple H to shake the hand of another invited individual and then Triple H turns around, acknowledges Chyna, and the two hug each other for a couple of seconds before Triple H continues to greet Sgt. Slaughter. At no point did security intervene or look like they were about the intervene.

Chyna responded to X-Pac’s allegation with a video saying what happened was nothing remotely closed to what he described. At the time, she said that she took the opportunity to wrap her arms around him and whisper to him that she was deeply sorry for everything that happened in the past.

Potylo was helping the former WWE Women’s champion document her life and live with her during the project.

You can see the video below.

UPDATE: There’s an update to this story explaining why the video was taken down.