UFC denies Brock Lesnar/USADA drug testing pool story


Jeff Novitzky, the UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance, has denied that Brock Lesnar is back in the USADA drug testing pool and his suspension is still frozen pending his notice to re-enter the pool.

Novitzky told MMAFighting.com that to re-enter the pool, Lesnar needs to send a written notice to the UFC and USADA announcing he is coming out of retirement. After that, the former WWE and UFC Heavyweight champion will have to serve another six months suspension, a suspension which was frozen in February after Lesnar took himself out of the testing pool by announcing his retirement from mixed martial arts.

“If he ever re-entered the program, he’d have to serve before he’d be able to compete,” Novitzky said. The frozen suspension means that assuming Lesnar is back in the drug testing pool this month, he would need to sit out at least till February of next year.

Meanwhile, UFC updated their minimum drug testing pool period from four to six months for returning fighters. Lesnar was given a waiver last time around, a waiver which did not go down very well from fellow fighters who didn’t receive the same luxury.

MMAFighting.com also reached out to USADA for confirmation about Lesnar but they did not respond in time the story went to print.