Two UFC champions jump to CM Punk’s defense after last night’s defeat


Two UFC champions, Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor, jumped to CM Punk’s defense after he got beat last night at UFC 203 by Mickey Gall.

“You know what? Fair play to him because he got in there and fought, not a lot of people have the balls to do that,” said the Featherweight champion McGregor. “He got ass whooped God bless him! He’s not a WWE pussy. He got in and fought so fair play to him, respect,” he added. McGregor gave the comments to a TMZ paparazzo on video.

Meanwhile, Middleweight champion Michael Bisping also had some words of encouragement for the former WWE champion. “Tough break. Head high though, you had the balls to do it and to do it again. #respect Live to fight another day,” he wrote on Twitter.