Two Atlanta Falcons NFL players pay tribute to Ric Flair


Atlanta Falcons receivers Mohamed Sanu and Julio Jones paid tribute to Ric Flair yesterday in the NFL game against the Buffalo Bills by wearing custom made cleats featuring the two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

Sanu’s cleats had Ric Flair written on it in gold on the side, a big Wooooo! on the front and Jet Flying with a jet on the other side. He also had another one which had Flair’s face on the side. Meanwhile, Jones’ cleats had a photo of Flair in one of his robes doing his traditional pose.

“One time for the Nature boy.. #Wooooooooo!!!! #KissStealing #JetFlying #RolexWearing #BeanTalking,” wrote Sanu on Twitter, showing off his cleats. Flair seemed to have appreciated the thought. “Looking as only as you can look… Love it brother. WOOOOO,” he replied.

Flair lives in Atlanta, hence the connection. You can check out the awesome-looking cleats below.