The National Enquirer releases more transcript from Hogan’s sex tape


The Enquirer and Radar Online have released some more of the transcript from Hulk Hogan’s sex tape which were supposed to be sealed in court pending the trial against Gawker which starts in October.

In one of the rants, Hogan told Heather Clam that the “billionaire black guy” that was paying for Brooke’s music recruited Hollywood actor and singer Jamie Foxx to be featured in one of her tracks.

“F**king n***er…he had Jamie Foxx coming in on the 22nd track,” Hogan says according to the transcript. “I didn’t even tell Brooke about it. F**k her. Brooke and [redacted] met in Miami.”

Hogan then continues to slam his daughter for not taking his advice and money. “Brooke f**ks up a ten million dollar deal I had with the Saudis. Brooke says ‘F**k you dad,’” although he then admitted that she didn’t actually say that but flipped the middle finger at him.

“I have this huge f**king house in Miami. My family never comes home. They want to LA. F**k ‘em,” he then says.