The Morning Call investigative work lands Snuka with murder charge


The arrest of Jimmy Snuka came thanks to the investigative work of the people at The Morning Call, a daily newspaper based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, which is owned by the same company who runs the Chicago Tribute and the Los Angeles Times.

In June 2013, reporters Adam Clark and Kevin Amerman published a long story on the case, interviewing family members, former Whitehall police chief, the then assistant district attorney, and others who at the time were involved in the case.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things from the report was that Snuka, along with his boss Vince McMahon, met with the ADA, Whitehall police detectives and the medical examiner just a couple of weeks after the alleged murder. There’s no official record of what went down and the Assistant District Attorney couldn’t recall much either except that Vince was running the conversation.

In his 2012 autobiography, Snuka recalls, “All I remember is [McMahon] had a briefcase with him. I don’t know what happened.”

Nancy Argentino’s family said in 2013 that they all believe the police didn’t do enough to find out how Nancy really died. “It’s just like they squashed it somehow,” Nancy’s older sister Lorraine said. Nancy was 23 at the time of her murder.

Following the report of The Morning Call, District Attorney Jim Martin announced in January 2014 that a grand jury would investigate the mysterious death and thanked the newspaper for their role.

You can read the original report from The Morning Call on the death of Nancy Argentino at