Taz talks leaving TNA and possible return to WWE


Taz is the latest guy to be featured on Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard in an interview which covers a lot of topics including Paul Heyman, his daily show on CBS Radio, broadcasting for WWE and then moving to TNA, and much more.

Speaking of his time in TNA, he said that the product was refreshing at the time and things were run pretty good and it felt right to jump ship. However things took an ugly turn and while he said he’s not going to bash anyone, there was clearly a leadership issue within the company and felt it was time to leave and concentrate only on his radio career.

Asked if he would return to WWE, he said under the right circumstances he would but his daily morning show will remain a priority regardless.

“I would go back to WWE, but I could not and would not leave my career with CBS Radio and my show,” said Taz. “I have a very good relationship with WWE, I’ve never burnt a bridge with them, and we’ve always had a mutual respect. Time will tell, but my show is my number one priority.”

You can read the full interview at http://on.si.com/1MvSrqt.