Taz speaks about his departure from TNA


Former TNA announcer Taz talked about his departure from the company in his latest edition of the Human Podcast Machine on Play.It.

Taz said that he was asked for his release and he got it and said that it was all professional and he left the proper way. He revealed that his deal was up in the Summer anyway and was already looking into alternatives and the way he said it was that he was not going to renew his deal anyway even though TNA wanted him to stay.

He confirmed the reports that payments were not coming in and his checks came late and had to do what he had to do. “I did a service, I wasn’t paid for that service,“ Taz said, adding that TNA understood his situation. Once the checks were not coming, he gave TNA his notice and that was it.

He said that he would have liked to make a little bit more money but then again everyone felt like that and despite not making the most he was happy from the financial side of things.

Addressing the rumor of him having a disagreement with Josh Mathews, Taz said that he did indeed have a fallout with Matthews but it had nothing to do with him leaving TNA. He said that over the years he wrestled guys who hated him and he hated back but when it came down to business they all took care of each other.

“While I was working with Josh I had zero problems with him,” Taz said, which means that the fallout had to do something on a personal level rather than a professional one.