Taz alleges Rousey vs Holm fight was a work


Former WWE and TNA color commentator Taz is all over the headlines after he stated on his daily morning radio show that the UFC Bantamweight title fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm was a work.

Taz, discussing the outcome on The Taz Show on CBS’ Play.It, said that he’s been around enough to know when something is a work. He explained how Rousey was going to disappear for several months and keeping the title on her wouldn’t have been best for business. He also said that the kick to the neck that Holm landed wasn’t enough to knock Rousey out while the following three ground and pound punches either missed or hit Rousey’s shoulder. The former ECW champion added that the referee wasn’t probably on it and not even Holm and the ref only stopped it as Rousey was not defending herself, in line with MMA rules.

His allegations made it to several news websites and Taz was both praised and abused on Twitter for his theory. He made it clear that he did not mean to disrespect Rousey, Holm, or the UFC but the way the whole thing transpired, including the Dana White interview on FOX Sports following the knockout, only keeps confirming his idea that the whole thing was a work.