Steve Austin tries cocktails for the first time…


BuzzFeed, known for their often hilarious videos, has invited WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin to try out several cocktails for the first time to see how they stack up against his favorite alcohol beverage – beer!

“I’m not sure what the fuck this is but I’m about to find out,” Austin said when he was given a Birthdaytini. “It tastes like sugary dog shit,” was his overall assessment of the drink.

Austin seemed to enjoy the Cosmopolitan and Appletini cocktails as he finished them all and said “not bad” for Sex On The Beach. However he did not enjoy the Jolly Rancher Shot calling it “one of those red piles of shit” which gives you a “case of sugar diabetes and no buzz.” As he said it best, “Fuck that drink!”

The former champ then said he’s going to haul ass if “you don’t have better shit than this to drink,” at which point he was given a beer, his own beer as a matter of fact: Broken Skull IPA. “Now that’s a tasty beverage,” Austin said.

You can see the hilarious video below.