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Steve Austin clears the air over WrestleMania rumors


On his latest podcast, Stone Cold Steve Austin addressed the rumors of problems with the WWE after he did not show up at WrestleMania 31 in San Jose, California.

He said that he’s not on the WWE Network with his Steve Austin podcast because the two sides did not agree to a deal.

“We were gonna kinda make a deal and go forward. A deal wasn’t made. And we’re not moving forward. End of story,” Austin said.

He shot down the rumors that Vince was unhappy with the questions he was asking and while there was another offer for him to continue, he couldn’t agree with what was offered and that’s why Chris Jericho is now doing his thing.

Austin revealed he turned down hosting the upcoming season of Tough Enough. He said the reason is because of scheduling conflicts with his other reality TV show Broken Skull Challenge for CMT. He said Tough Enough filming got delayed as it was supposed to start a few months ago but by the time they set a date he had already committed to the new season of Broken Skull Challenge so there was no way he could do both.

PWInsider.com was reporting that Austin was booked on the same flight as the Undertaker and the Hall of Famer did not want to travel on the same flight with Taker. Stone Cold said that he was never supposed to be on the same flight as there were no creative for him to even appear at WrestleMania. He said he wasn’t booked for anything so he watched the show at his home.

The PWI website states that Austin had space at the Levi’s Stadium backstage and a ticket in his name for March 26 to San Jose but “it’s possible Austin was not even aware a ticket was booked for him,” Mike Johnson stated.

Stone Cold said these rumors of the flight were “completely false.”

Austin added that there is no animosity between the two and he’s open to working with WWE again if the deal is right.

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