Steve Austin appears on AXS TV’s Inside MMA


WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on AXS TV’s Inside MMA yesterday for an interview with host Bas Rutten.

Right out, Rutten asked Stone Cold about CM Punk in the UFC and Austin said that he likes what CM Punk brings to the table as he’s very precise, has great microphone skills, and has great psychology as well. He would have liked to wrestle him but even though they don’t know each other much, he wished him well in the UFC and is excited to see his MMA debut.

When asked if he would have been great at MMA himself, Austin said that if the sport had evolved to the level it is now back in the day when he had that killer instinct, who knows, maybe, but that doesn’t mean he’s saying he could have been successful as he doesn’t know if he would adapted. He said he found the right calling though in professional wrestling.

Austin also mentioned that Kurt Angle and The Undertaker would have made great MMA fighters in their early days.

You can see the interview below.