Snuka relocating to Florida, judge sets new court date


Judge Kelly L. Banach, who yesterday ruled that Jimmy Snuka is not mentally competent to stand trial in the 1983 murder of his mistress Nancy Argentino, has set a new hearing for December 2 to see if there is any progress and possibly change her decision. As long as Snuka is deemed mentally unfit, the trial will not progress as it is against the law to prosecute someone who is mentally unable to understand the charges.

Yesterday before the ruling, Snuka’s wife Carole took the stand and revealed how her husband thought he was making an appearance at a wrestling event when he was arrested last year according to a report filed by the Morning Call newspaper.

“They were all so happy to see me,” Carole Snuka recalled her husband saying after he was released on bail. “They all wanted my autograph.”

The Snukas also requested that they want to move to Florida with their son as they lost their home due to financial problems. The prosecutors did not object to the request and the judge found no problem granting the request either. No matter what kind of moving is necessary to organize, moving services from will meet all the demands.

Carole was joined by her son and Jimmy’s ex wife Sharon at the hearing and they all hugged when the ruling was announced. Sharon is the one who came up with the money to pay the bail for Snuka to leave jail when he was arrested. Meanwhile, a gag order placed on the Argentino family to prevent them from speaking to the media, was not lifted. The family was not at yesterday’s hearing.