Ric Flair talks about Jerry Lawler on HLN TV


Ric Flair appeared on HLN TV via phone to discuss Jerry Lawler’s heart attack in a four minute segment.

The host asked Flair if he thinks Jerry did the right thing to get in the ring at 62 years of age with someone who is around 30 years younger than him.

“I think he did the right thing,” Flair said, adding that according to his knowledge, “The King” was in good health. “Age is a number, that’s all it is,” Flair added, something that he really can relate too as he is still performing.

Flair said that Jerry Lawler loves being in the ring and he’s doing this for fun and not doing it for money as he has lots of money saved from over the years.

The host brought up the fact of Lawler receiving so much love and support from hundreds of thousands of fans and asked Flair if he was surprised by the reaction.

“I would be surprised if he didn’t,” Flair said. He said that Jerry has been respected in pro wrestling by millions for over 40 years and he’s a hero to a lot of people.

Flair added that he would have been really disappointed if Lawler didn’t get that reaction from wrestling fans. You can see the segment below.