Ric Flair delivers team talk to San Francisco 49ers team


When you feel your team needs a pep talk, who is the best person you can call to accomplish that particular job? The Nature Boy of course!

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was flown to Green Bay, Wisconsin yesterday to deliver a team talk to the San Francisco 49ers team and obviously take some photos with the players.

NFL.COM has a short article about the meeting saying that as soon as the team meeting started, a door in the back of the room was opened and out came Flair.

Anthony Davis, the 49ers offensive tackle, wrote on Twitter that Flair “flew into this sh!thole to show us some love,” adding a photo of Flair addressing the players in the room.

Flair is scheduled to be part of the Old School RAW tomorrow, his first WWE assignment since he was sent home at SummerSlam for getting drunk and taking over the WWE 2K14 event with his jokes.