Remember the $1 million offer for CM Punk? That tournament is canceled!


Remember that $1 million offer to CM Punk from British independent wrestling promotion 5 Star Wrestling? Well, the offer was not taken, and not only that, now the tournament that was supposed to happen to lure Punk back to the squared circle has been canceled as well.

The tournament, consisting of 128 wrestlers that was supposed to start in Liverpool on June 10 was abruptly canned and rescheduled for 2018.

“We have decided to completely reschedule the entire 5 Star Wrestling tournament for February. We know this will be disappointing to many fans as it means we will not be running any further shows in 2017 but we assure you, this is not a decision we have taken lightly and it is a move that will greatly improve the shows we host going forward,” a statement from the promotion read.

No reason was given as to why the tournament was canceled.
Daniel Hinkles, the owner of the promotion, made headlines last month after he told The Sun tabloid newspaper in the UK that he put an offer of $1 million for CM Punk to participate in the tournament.