Reby Hardy keeps slamming Jeff Jarrett on Twitter


Reby Hardy, the wife of Matt Hardy, has once again used Twitter to rip into Jeff Jarrett, who earlier this week made an interview and downplayed the Broken gimmick fight, saying that copyright and trademark laws are simple in this case and Impact Wrestling owns everything.

“Stop doing stupid interviews before I release your drunk texts & the DUI records that somehow haven’t gotten out,” Reby tweeted to Jarrett. “If the issue was as simple & cut/dry as these morons are trying to make it seem, I wouldn’t have been out here fighting for my family.”

Reby said that Impact Wrestling don’t afford to go to court over the whole saga and they’re trying to downplay it to anyone who will listen to look powerful.

In the same interview, Jarrett said that he doesn’t want to make a story out of the whole situation and wants it to end in a quiet manner. Reby said that if that was the case, the “company stooges” shouldn’t give interviews spewing bullshit.

“Money is power. Never forget that,” she added, once again tagging Jarrett in the tweet.