Reby Hardy continues to trash talk Impact Wrestling


Reby Hardy, the wife of Matt Hardy, continued her trashing of Impact Wrestling on Twitter although now it seems that they have legal counsel and wrote that there will be someone else speaking on their behalf about the whole situation from now on and it won’t be on Twitter.

Reby said that their son Maxel was never “legally cleared to work/appear on camera” although Dixie Carter and Universal made their utmost to keep him 100% safe. She also said that they had no choice given the circumstances to use Maxel on the show. And as far as her father goes, who portrays Señor Benjamin, she said he never signed a piece of paper giving TNA rights to use, broadcast or profit from his image or likeness.

She added that the new management wanted a cut from their personally-run Hardy store, a store that Reby has been running for over 5 years by herself with her own designs. She also said that the theme song that they used for the Broken characters was composed and recorded by herself and TNA were allowed to use it for free when they ran against licensing issues with other music, and now they are claiming that they own that music too.