Ranking the top 10 wealthiest wrestlers of all-time


TheRichest.com website has an article listing the top 10 wealthiest pro wrestlers of all time and only one of them is in TNA.

Coming in 10th place is Mick Foley with net worth of $15 million. The Undertaker is in 9th with $16 million, followed by Shawn Michaels in 8th place with $17 million, and Chris Jericho in 7th with $18 million. Kurt Angle is in 6th place with a net worth of $20 million, The Big Show is in 5th with $20 million as well, and Triple H in 4th with $25 million.

The top three are John Cena with $35 million, followed by another Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin in second with $45 million, and to no surprise, The Rock tops the list with an estimated net worth of $70 million.

If you are wondering where is Hulk Hogan in the list, Hogan got cleaned by his wife in a messy divorce and other lawsuits certainly didn’t help him either.