Production crew for Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge TV show walks out


Steve Austin’s show Broken Skull Challenge has a new challenge to tackle – getting all the staff back on board after they walked out demanding an IATSE contract. The Motion Picture Editor’s Guild and IATSE are putting up a picket line outside the Laurel Canyon Boulevard offices of series producer 51 Minds Entertainment.

“All members, prospective members, and other post-production professionals are instructed to refrain from rendering service to this production for the duration of the work stoppage,” said the Editors Guild today. The crew members are seeking health and pension benefits and other measures of a union contract according to Deadline Hollywood.

The show was filming season 3 after two successful seasons aired on CMT. Austin has not commented publicly on the walk out so far. A few months ago he claimed that he turned down the offer to host Tough Enough because he had already committed to filming season 3 of Broken Skull Challenge and filming dates conflicted.