Podcast daily roundup for 05/25/2020

Written by Chris Siggia.


D-Lo Brown was David Penzer’s guest this week.  He started using the name D-Lo Brown in honor of a high school friend who passed away, whose nickname was D-Lo.  He enjoyed his time in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and realizes that the heat was real because the wrestling was presented as real. He said there are stories on New Jack he would never tell.  When he went to WWF, he was happy to have a role and said riding in the car with Ron Simmons was like getting a degree.  D-Lo had so much respect for Simmons he made sure to do everything asked of him so as to not let Ron down.  Brown said the day after the match he had with Droz, he was scared to do anything in the ring.  He told Jim Ross that he wanted to quit.  Ross told him it was an unfortunate accident, but let’s not have two careers come to an end because of this.  Brown continued to wrestle and said he altered his style and never did a running power bomb again.   He left WWE amicably in 2003 when they couldn’t agree on a new contract.  He went to TNA and they wanted to change his name and make him a Matrix character.  Brown said he is one of the few that was able to keep his WWE name thanks to Jim Cornette when Brown came to WWF from Smokey Mountain and he was not going to change it after having name recognition from WWE going into TNA.  He believes the Aces and Eights storyline ended too early and said if you go back and watch the shows, you will see Bully Ray gave hints that Bully would be the leader while he was still a babyface.  He believes that now no company has a live audience, it is very evident that TNA has the best product because of good storylines.


Conrad Thompson and Eric Bischoff reviewed AEW Double Or Nothing from 2019 on today’s podcast.  Bischoff expected AEW to do well because of their previous show in Chicago but was amazed they sold out so quickly in Las Vegas for this show because of so many options that there are in Las Vegas every day.  He said the difference between AEW starting up compared to when TNA starting up was TNA started small and hoped they would find something to become big.  AEW went all in with the idea they were big and were perceived as big because they believed in themselves.  Bischoff thinks the world of Dean Malenko. Malenko, as a producer, understands the art of communicating and teaching wrestlers what needs to be done.  Bischoff said Alex Marvez did a horrible job on commentary.  He liked the Cody vs Dustin Rhodes match saying he thought it had a great story, timing, and psychology, but could have done without all the blood.  He thought somebody younger, fresher and more relevant than Bret Hart should have presented the AEW title to the winner because the company is promoting something new and something fresh and the Bret comes who came out doesn’t look the Bret Hart as we remember him.  Bischoff felt the best match on the show was the Young Bucks vs The Lucha Brothers.


Ryback feels that the comments made by Jim Cornette on Cornette’s podcast about Becky Lynch’s pregnancy was terrible.  He feels Cornette stoops to that level to continue to amass a listening audience.  Ryback said the angles in wrestling would mean more if the wrestlers didn’t go on social media as friends after the angle is shot.  He complimented the Undertaker for never breaking character, and it is ok for him to do this now that he is at the end of his career and may give him even more longevity.  He said the only ones staying in character are Baron Corbin and MJF.


On today’s episode of Taking You To School, Tom Prichard talked about his time in NWA Hollywood.  He enjoyed his time there, as the trips were short, and liked being around the over the top personalities there such as Roddy Piper, Pampero Firpo, and Ox Baker.  Baker used to paint his toe nails red and sing opera in the shower.  Chris Adams made his first United States appearance for this company.  They hit the town a couple times and had a lot of fun.  Prichard said Adams was a good guy who was looking for fame and fortune and eventually found it in Dallas.

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