Podcast daily roundup for 04/29/2020

Written by Chris Siggia.


Arn talking about Andre’s drinking:  “We would go drink with Andre.  He would buy several rounds, but a round to him was a platter of beers.  He would have maybe 20 beers on a platter.  I know he drank 20 bottles of wine one night.  Just like everything else, Andre was on a whole other level.  He never changed.  He would sit there and drink.  He would look around.  Hopefully he was smiling.  If he was smiling, everybody else was smiling and everybody would bring him over drinks.  He would accept the drinks from the guys that he liked.  But when the fans would come over and think they can just buy him a drink and hang out, at that point in time, he would look at them and say, no thank you.”

Arn’s opinion on who is on the Mount Rushmore for valets:  “Elizabeth, Nancy, and Sherri Martel.  I would hold out that last slot to see what evolves in the next 10 years.”

Arn telling a drinking story with Pee Wee Anderson:  “One night we went out.  We got separated.  I went home before Pee Wee and he was staying over my house with me.  He was going to sleep over there. He was going to get somebody to bring him in.  In my grandmother’s house where I lived, you would come from the outside into what was a porch but it was turned into a room.  We had put a 6 ft freezer out there because my grandfather had a vegetable garden at our house.  He would harvest all those vegetables and put them in that 6 ft freezer.  I’m lying in the bed and I’m almost asleep and I hear the door shut. I’m going into whatever haze I was into at that time.  I had too much to drink.  I’m thinking that has to be Pee Wee. I kind of dozed back off thinking he was coming in that second door.  I started to doze off and I realize he did not come in.  I walk out of my bedroom door.  I look and he’s not laying in the grass passed out.  I go out and look in the cars and he is not in the cars.  As I pass that 6 ft freezer, which now had the lid down on it for about 5 minutes, I hear (Arn makes a snoring noise), what sounds like a giant rat crawling around in it.  I open the freezer and Pee Wee had been laying in that freezer for about 5 minutes.  I tell him, what the hell is wrong with you.  You are going to suffocate in there.  He said I had to get cold.  Had I not gone out and checked on him, the man would have suffocated and been a fudgesicle the next morning.”


Dennis Condrey talking about the scaffold match:  “Corny was scared to death.  He said Dennis I can’t fall of there.  I said ok, I will tell Dusty.  I went to Dusty and he said, Dennis you tell Cornette if he doesn’t want to fall off the scaffold, I’m going to have to let him go.  Corny didn’t have the money he has today, so he said ok.”

Condrey talking about leaving the Midnight Express:  “We had an offer, a great offer I thought we couldn’t refuse.  Vince McMahon got in contact with us.  He said I am going to fly you guys up.  We told him we were not interested because we are making good money here in the Carolinas.  He said I will double it.  I said ok.  We got on the plane and flew up there.  The Crocketts found out about it and they didn’t’ like it. Dusty comes in and asks are we leaving or staying.  We thought we did this on the sneak.  We thought we were sneaking around.  Tully Blanchard went to the airport and saw us fly in and he told Dusty.  We made a deal with Vince while we were there in New York. Jimmy and Bobby changed their minds and decided they didn’t want to go.  I told them I wish they would have told him.  Vince wanted all 3, no different. Bobby had a couple of kids in school.  Jimmy bought a house.  I bought a house too.  I think it scared them.”


The producers of Darkside of the Ring talking about Peggy, the wife of David Schultz:  “Her and David have been together, I think since he was 17, it’s been 55 years.  She has been there for everything in his life.  One of the things David did not talk about was they were facing financial ruin with some of the lawsuits that they were engaged in with WWE at certain points.  She was there managing that process.  She even got named in one of the lawsuits.  She also, when David became a bounty hunter, she became a bail bond person.  She was the one answering the phones and taking the calls, figuring out where the bounties are going to and sending David off to go collect the bounties.  She was involved with tracking these people down.”

On the extended slap seen footage:  “In the actual footage that we got, David actually had, I’m guessing probably from the lawsuit had an extended version of the slap scene.  I think we still have it in the cut where we see Vince come out.  That’s not in the 20/20 broadcast where you see Vince come out and say David, what the hell is a matter with you.  That was in, I’m assuming evidence in the lawsuit.”


Bischoff on if Vince has changed from when he was there before and now:  “I don’t know.  I worked with Vince a little bit when I was a talent there.  There were scenes we would do together or occasionally he would produce something that I was involved in.  But, my interaction with him was extremely limited.  I never really got to know Vince McMahon when I was a talent.  We never went out or had a serious conversation about anything.  You would think at some point either one of us would have initiated a conversation to talk about what I was really thinking when I did this.  So, going back, it was weird.  Part of me was really excited about it because I missed the business.  There were people in WWE to this day that I consider some of my closest friends that I was anxious to work with again.  I was hoping to find that desire and passion that I missed because I had been away for so long.  But, truth be told, it didn’t happen for a lot of reasons.  My failure to adapt and my failure to find a way to find that passion and cultivate that passion within an environment that is totally alien to who I am.  I’m not, and this is going to sound childish but it’s true.  I’m not a suit and tie guy. When I’m at my creative best and when my passion flows, it is because I am in the right room, with the right people who are relaxed.  The chemistry has to be right.  That was on me.  I knew within the first couple weeks.  I really tried.  I wanted to.  I couldn’t really get close to Vince.  I couldn’t break that wall.  There were a lot of challenges going on at the time that had nothing to do with me.  Everything was very disoriented and a little confusing prior to me getting there and certainly after I got there. In reflecting on it a little bit after a couple weeks that I left, it wasn’t up to Vince McMahon or WWE as a whole to adapt to Eric Bischoff.  It was up to Eric Bischoff to adapt to their environment and I failed at that.  I was unable to do it.”

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