Podcast daily roundup for 04/17/2020


Written by Chris Siggia.


Bruce Prichard talking about wrestlers like Nailz claiming Vince McMahon told them to use steroids:  “I’ve known Vince for over 33 years and been in lots of conversations.  In all those 33 years, never one time have I ever heard him tell anyone get on the gas or get on the steroids.  I have heard the opposite.  I heard the opposite when allegedly, this was in 1988 or 89, to Brian Adams who came in and he was huge.  Vince said, look, I don’t know, I don’t want to know but I’ll tell you this, if you are on anything that you need to get off of it.  That was before any steroid trial or anything else.  I’ve heard Vince discourage that…It astounds me when you go back and look at that grand jury testimony and the testimony in the steroid trial.  Yea, he (Nailz) hated Vince McMahon.  He didn’t even show his body in the Nailz outfit.”


Tommy Dreamer saying that Howard Finkel did not have a stroke:  “A lot of people said Howard had a stroke.  Howard did not have a stroke.  Howard had a rare genetic brain disease.  His brain was shrinking and I hate that because the whole out think the Fink and he was slowly losing his mind.  He had stroke-like systems but he kept falling because of his brain.  I didn’t post pictures of us on social media.  I took them all the time I would visit him, but Howard had such pride.  He didn’t want the people to know that he was sick.  He didn’t want people to feel sorry for him.  He was literally just sitting there watching the Mets game until it was time to watch wrestling.  I posted a picture last night on social media and everyone kept hitting me up about the note over my shoulder.  I went back and I looked, and this was when Howard was in a bad state.  Howard couldn’t, sadly, use a cell phone anymore because of his hands.  If you handed him the phone, which is what I would do every time I would visit, I would facetime with Justin (Credible).  Howard’s medical note above my shoulder said, please put channel 43 on at 8pm on Monday Nights.  Wrestling is on.  That was his medical note.  He loved us.  We were his family.  That’s all he had.  He loved performing in front of the fans and he loved us, unconditionally.”